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A place for goods of information that inspire me, the LIBRARY OF GENIUS is where I keep  links and information on books, people, ideas and more that move me to do more. You’ll also find my favorite blogs, and insight into movers and shakers I follow for personal development.

There’s a lot in there and it’s only going to get better.


I am an absolute teller. It’s in my genes. I can’t get around it, and it’s the only way I know to get things done. Truth Be Told is reality of life, success, failure, and everything in between. My truth is that I have worked for what I have and have failed a hundred times without even realizing it. I have succeeded in the least expected places and I have always followed my gut. Truth Be Told is a digital portal into what I’ve done right, where I could have done better, and how I can lead you and work with you to reach your goals and dreams. My programs and courses are built around what made my success happen and sharing that with you. You have what it takes, I promise you.

But you have got it to let the Truth Be Told.


Get the goods on what’s running through my brain.  


I love featuring people who are doing big things. Whether it is in their own community or a worldwide movement, Risk Takers and Work Horses will link up and change up with people YOU should know.

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Sandra Koenig

Professional insurance and investment planner, wife, mother to two beautiful daughters, blogger, fearless entrepreneur and Nerium Brand Partner, Sandra is creating the life she loves and has always wanted by taking risks and working like she means it. Her dreams center on time freedom, and we love that! Sandra is a giver, a motivator, and a fearless believer in dreaming big, serving others, and learning new things at every turn to make her businesses and her community grow.

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Raelenna Ferguson

From single mom working to make ends meet to top real estate agent and broker, international missionary in Swaziland, Africa and Haiti, and deeply committed to Heart for Africa, Raelenna is a force for working like she means it while being incredibly dedicated to her family and community. Raelenna writes and shares personal stories on her own revelations and experiences on life’s trials and celebrations on her blog. The Ferguson family lives life deliberately and with passion.

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