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3 Benefits of Working In Network Marketing

By Madra

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3 Amazing Benefits of Working in Network Marketing

Over the last several years, I have talked to countless people about my opportunity.  I have probably given people over 100 different reasons why choosing to become a distributor on my team would help them.  But most of the time, I realized that it came down to 3 big things when I was talking about the benefits of working in network marketing.

These 3 benefits of working in network marketing are HUGE (and true) selling points that you need to make sure that the people that you’re talking to understand the benefits of network marketing. Don’t be one-sided. Don’t think about yourself and think what it’s going to do for you if that person joins.  You need to give them the benefit of joining and how it can change their life and how it will impact them. You’ve got to educate them. That was a problem in the beginning for me. I wasn’t educated in the industry. Your job is to educate them. That is always number one.  Here are some great places to start when it comes to educating them about the benefits of working in network marketing.

3 benefits of working in network marketing1. Freedom of Time

Listen, you guys know I have 3 kids.  Because of my network marketing business, I can make the time to go to their functions. I have time to do the extracurricular things that I want to do because I can work my own schedule. I can work this business into anything else that I’m doing. In fact, I didn’t quit my salon. I didn’t sell my salons when I started my network marketing business. I had the freedom of working my network marketing business at night when my kids went to bed or in 15 to 30 minute increments on my lunch break or whatever. Now that I’ve exploded my network marketing business, became top earner in my company and a multi-millionaire in the process, I have since sold my salons and have the freedom to live a life that I’ve only dreamed of.

2. Unlimited Income

The second thing, I feel, is a benefit of network marketing is the freedom to write your own paycheck.  In the beginning, did I think I was going to be able to write a million dollar paycheck or a six figure paycheck every month? No. My heart kind of believed it. My head was saying, “You’re absolutely crazy! You’ll never make that much in network marketing! You’ll never be able to sustain this and you’ll never be able to live your life full-time off of network marketing.” My brain got in the way. My mind was telling me that I was crazy but my heart was telling me something different.

I was thinking to myself, even though my first check was 84 bucks, I think, something like that. Most people see that and think, “Wow, really? I worked a month and I made $84.” That’s just about the worst job anyone could ever have. I looked at it differently. I looked at it and believed that money could be made in network marketing. I looked back on that month and realized I had made about an $84 effort. I thought if I kicked it up a notch and I double my efforts, maybe my check will double. It’s sort of playing a game. 

Then I realized, there is money to be made and that anyone can work this business. As far as writing my own paycheck, I definitely wrote it. I would make that $84 and I thought I’m going to double that. Then I would make $200 and I would double that, you guys, and I wrote my goals down. I had money goals but let me tell you this, I didn’t always equate my goal to money. If I said I want to make $500, I also put down why I wanted to make that.  You’re basically going to make the equivalent of what you’re willing to work and you can’t find that anywhere unless it’s a commission business. But I don’t know anybody working 9 to 5 on commission that’s making a million a year.

3. Personal Development

I feel like nobody gets it until they’re in network marketing and the shift happens.  I feel like network marketing is a fancy name for personal development. I have to tell you that I had no idea how my mind and my heart were getting ready to change. The more that I worked my business, the more that I connected with my team, the more that I connected with people that weren’t on my team, the more that I sat in events, the more life changing this business became for me. The more giving I felt led to do.

The more that I was in network marketing, the more I started craving books.  I started reading my bible more. This business changed me as a person because I feel like the shift happened when I realized this business is not about me. This business is about everyone else. It’s about helping other people with problems that they have. Your product could be a solution. Or it could actually be the solution for someone’s finances.

The most magical benefit of network marketing is personal development. I have changed as a person. I never dreamed, literally, I never daydreamed about my future, about my kids’ future. I never taught them to go for it and do whatever you want to do. I never taught them to dream themselves. This business has changed my life, has changed the life of my team, has changed the life of my kids. They look at me different. They looked at working different. 

I feel like that is the best benefit of network marketing and nobody gets it. Nobody gets that until they get into the business, but it’s something that I definitely share with people when I’m talking to them about the opportunity. Share that with people. Share the way your life is changing.  Share the books that you’re reading.  People are going to see a change in your personality.

Those are my three benefits of working in network marketing. There are so many benefits, but I really feel that most of them can be narrowed down to those 3 big ones.  Feel free to comment and let me know what your biggest benefit is for you in network marketing.



P.S. When it comes to personal development, writing your own blog is one of the best ways to improve yourself.  If you are looking to start a blog, my Blogging 101 Workshop is a great place to start.


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