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3 sources network marketing help

3 Great Resources for Network Marketing Help

By Madra

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3 Places to Turn for Network Marketing Help for Your Business

Hey guys, I recently got asked how important it was to have a strong sponsor when it comes to growing your business and finding some good, solid network marketing help and guidance.  My answer was pretty straightforward, “Yes having a good sponsor is important, but it isn’t critical.”  Of course it is helpful to have someone who is there and ready to help and actually gives great help.  But if it isn’t there, don’t worry.  I have put together a list of 3 other places you can turn for network marketing help.

3 sources network marketing help

1. Online Guides, Blogs and Other Websites

There are hundreds of great options out there when it comes to guidance for your network marketing company.  Some of it is good, some of it isn’t, and some of it is amazing!  The key to this is finding someone you feel like you really connect with to learn from.  Find someone who makes sense when they teach you.  Find someone who inspires you.  If you find yourself questioning everything they are saying, you probably won’t be very convinced it will work and you most likely won’t follow their advice.  I have tons of great stuff on my website and blog and Facebook page.

2. Start a Community

There are other people in your same situation who live close to you.  They might be in your company.  They might be in another one.  But they are most certainly going through those same things you are (or have in the past or will in the future).  You can start a meet-up of people who are in a similar situation as you and work with each other and keep each other accountable.  It is always more effective to work as a team.  And this can also serve as a great training opportunity for your downline!

3. Join an Online Community

There are also online communities that communicate through private Facebook groups or other online forums.  These are much more convenient than starting a meet-up because you can go to it at any time and talk about your successes and struggles and questions.  They are also often led by network marketing leaders and include access to some other great resources.  These are some of my favorite places to learn because of the convenience and the number of great network marketing mind you can get in one place who are all in search of the same thing: network marketing success.

There you have it!  If you don’t have the strongest sponsor in the world, don’t sweat it.  Use these 3 avenues to turn yourself into that amazing sponsor.  YOU should be the one teaching.  YOU should be the amazing sponsor everyone looks up to.  And YOU should be the one reaping the benefits.

Now go do it!



P.S. If you are searching for a place to learn consistently and grow your business, I’ve created a personal coaching program for that. Look into it –>  Mastermind Coaching Program.  You may feel like this is the perfect place for you. There are dozens I’m already coaching here and the community is so empowering. Come join us and take advantage of all the other great, exclusive resources here too.  Check it out here.


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