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3 Reasons to Blog for Business

By Madra

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3 Reasons to Blog for Business


Looking for more ways to get more leads? Do you need to enroll more customers or business partners in order to rank to that next level? Are you stuck, wondering how top earners do it? Well, do you blog?

You need an online storefront for your business. Thats what a simple blog can provide. It will open up all kinds of doors for you that you would have in no way found if it weren’t for blogging. You see, your blog is your HUB. Everyone you come in contact with, should eventually land on your blog. That is your site, you own it and they can get to know you and you can get to know them.

Think about how many people use social media or enter a search on google everyday. WOW, thats a lot of people that have no way of connecting with you. Unless you start blogging. Below I share 3 reasons to blog for business.

  • Businesses that Blog convert 70% more customers than those that don’t blog. You are looked as an authority in your business space.
  • 61% of consumers have made a purchased based on a blog post. If you have a product, use you product and give an honest review. People search for information. Educate them and share results.
  • Network Marketers that blog get 67% more leads then those that don’t.

Blogging for business is about educating people. If someone has a problem you need to be the solution. When they have a need you should be right there lending a helping hand and you can do that through your blog. When they enter a search, you need to be the one they find, why not right? If you have a blog and give value, you will be found. If your mission is to SELL SELL SELL, good luck? They can find someone selling what you have on any corner in their town.

People don’t like being “sold to” do you? Share what you know, facts, tips etc. Learn it, then Teach it. (in your blog) How you can help them, should be at the top of your mind?

Let me ask you this: If you and 50,000 other people are selling the same product, service or opportunity WHY would someone choose you to sign up with? If you are in the same type of business, wearing the same brand, saying the same thing, throwing the same product and opportunity in their face on a daily basis WHY oh WHY would they pick you to do business with? Seriously, can you answer that? Its time to get out of the rat race and start getting serious abut building your brand. Its time to add blogging as an essential tool and your business will grow just like mine did.

I hope this helped shed some light on Why you need to blog for business. If you have an questions feel free to use the comment section below, Id be happy to answer your questions. My goal is to solve YOUR problems.

Love, Madra

marketing coach millionaire

PS: Here is a blog set up cheatsheet Ive put together for you for ease of blogging. Blog Tools

PPS: If you’re ready to take your business to the next level. If you know NOW is your time, I invite you to click and Grab Your Seat in my 2 hour Blog 101 Workshop space is limited. See you there!

3 reasons you need to blog for your business


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