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3 Simple Ways to Use Your Product to Grow Your Business

By Madra

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How to Use Your Product to Grow Your Business: 3 Simple Ways

Hey guys, I was on a Periscope the other day talking about how to approach salon owners.  I get asked this a lot because I was a salon owner and that is where my sponsor approached me.  The biggest part of my answer was to get them to use the product.  As I was going back and watching that video, I realized that I needed to write a blog post about how to use your product to grow your business.


use your product to grow your business

So I am giving you 3 ways to do just that:

1. Use the Product Yourself:  

This pays off HUGE dividends because you can show people that you use it, that it works, and you can even show them the results that you have seen from using it.

2. Gather Real Results from YOUR Customers:  

Your company has great content when it comes to results people see from your products…they really do.  But do you know what is even more powerful than the company’s ads…even more powerful than you showing your results?  It is seeing and talking to other people who aren’t selling the product and seeing real results in them.  There is only one way to use your product to grow your business that is more effective…and that is…

3. Use the Product on Potential Customers and Distributors:  

This is seriously the absolute best way to get new customers and get new leads for distributors.  Use your product on them.  Show them how to use it.  Let them see the results for themselves.  If your products don’t produce results, you need to change companies.  The key to getting people to let you do this is to ensure them that you won’t charge them anything.  This is what you get product from the company for every month.  Sure you want to use some of it too, but if you only have enough to either use for yourself or use on potential customers and distributors, you definitely want to use it to gain business.  If you get their business, you will make enough money to buy it for yourself.

There you go!  3 quick and easy ways to use your product to grow your business.  Check out a quick snippet from my Periscope video below.



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