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5 Laws of Happiness

By Madra

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So during my weekly bible study we had a lesson on the 5 laws of happiness. Im happy, I hope you’re happy and I sat there before the lesson thinking “whats there really to learn?” Well, Im so glad I opened heart to receive because I certainly got a wake up call.

Im sure you would agree, happiness is something we all want and if you aren’t happy your day sucks and more than likely those around you aren’t happy either. There is a definite trickle down effect. Hopefully if you are unhappy, you do not place the blame on anyone and you realize happiness is a choice. Easier said than done, right? 5 laws of happiness

The lesson started with this key bible verse “Every time I think of you, I give thanks” Philippians 1:3 So, I will have to admit when I read that I thought, this has Nothing to do with happiness. Giving thanks to God when I think of someone else? How would that make me happy? I was eager to let Pastor Rick Warren explain. He shared the 5 Laws of Happiness and when he went in depth, one really struck me as an “Ooops My Bad” This lesson changed my perspective and I realized I wasn’t truly as happy as I could be.

  1. Don’t look for Happiness Create It
  2. Happiness is a result of right thinking and right living.
  3. My Habits create my happiness. Its a choice.
  4. Happiness based on happenings is temporary. But happiness build on habits is long lasting.
  5. Happy habits are as addicting as bad habits.

I learned that happiness is not the goal but rather relationships with people and bringing out the best in them plays a major role in our happiness. “I don’t get it but Im still listening.” He went on to explain we need to make it a mission to bring out the best in people and be grateful for them, because when we focus on that instead of ourselves happiness is the result. “Humm, I thought, go on and by the way, Im starting to feel guilty right about now” Pastor says there are a few ways to bring out the best in people.

  1. Believe in Them
  2. Give them Vision
  3. Have Patiences 
  4. Pray for Them

Bottom line. Humans are not grateful (can I get an Amen-insert Jesus hands) by nature and sadly the longer you know someone the more likely you take them for granted. Gods antidote for this is gratitude, stop judging and putting others happiness first. Even when they are irritating, pray for them. (Im going to have to work on that one) Basically, if you have them on your heart and mind your life is that much sweeter.


I hope you enjoyed this article and the 5 Laws of Happiness opened your eyes like they did mine. Share in the comments below if you made the decision to smile intentionally and start giving people some grace. Happiness is a choice. Take control. Successful people are Happy People. #LessonLearned

Much Love, Madra



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