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6 Social Media Tips for Business

By Madra

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Lets start by making sure you know the meaning of “Social Media”. Many of you think it is an outlet to SELL and you are wrong. The definition clearly reads … websites and applications used fro social networking.

Stop Selling. The definition says nothing about selling. Its the number one turnoff on social media. Wouldn’t you agree? How do you feel when you people “pitch” to you? When they shove their product in your face? You want to block, unfollow, ban, unfriend, delete and you can’t do it fast enough. Trust me I know, I feel the same way, so stop.

Social media is a way to engage, it was created to build relationships. However we all know marketing with social media is smart and there is a right and wrong way. Let me give you 6 social media tips for business because making money online using social media is something you should learn to do.

1. Use the search bar and find others that are successful in your niche to get ideas. Do Not copy and paste (thats tacky) but grab and idea and customize it to fit your style.

2. Be you. Be different. People buy people. Be original. Share you life. Share your story. Stand out and don’t try to be like everyone else. Be the solution and Be someone people want to connect with. Draw them in to your adventure. Have fun. Show your heart. Let them see your personality. Give them a million reasons to want to stay connected with you.

3. When you post deliver value. “Hey We have a sale!” “Join my team!” Don’t sell. It cannot be a one way street. Your posts cannot be all about you. Always be thinking HOW can I help all my friends and fans. What do they need. What are they looking for. Engage more. Go to their pages and like and comment. BE authentic.

4. Never “like” a page then ask them to “like” your page. Gosh so tacky. The people that like your page yo want them to want to be there right? If you have thousands of fans but no one engages with your page, its pointless.

5. Make sure your face is visible. What do you ahem as your profile picture or cover photo? It is your company brand or your product or service? Id rethink that. People in real life don’t have relationships and don’t connect with THINGS. Let them see you, they need to know your are real. They do not want to interact with a beautiful sunset.

6. What turns you off when yo are scrolling your social media sites? Well figure it out and make sure you don’t do it. It is seriously that simple.

If you got value from reading these 6 social media tips for business please comment below (You know I love connecting with you) and feel free to Share this post with your team and friends that need some social media tips!


Love, Madra
madra network marketing success coach







PS: Challenge for you. Go back through the posts on your social media pages. Re read your posts. Do they sound helpful? Do they sound desperate? Did you know you can go back and EDIT those posts? I encourage you to clean up your image a bit. I had to do that myself. You know it doesn’t hurt to do a self check every now and then 😉






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