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9 Traits of Successful People

By Madra

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9 Traits of Successful People

Have you ever wondered what successful people have in common? As a successful entrepreneur Ive asked myself this question quite a bit as I built a multi million dollar network marketing business. I used to ask myself ” Out of all my leaders, those key top income earners in my downline, what do they all have in common?”  I wanted to seek out people with those same traits and share my business opportunity with them because clearly they were hustlers. During my research I realized my leaders (including myself) did share a lot of the same traits. I also learned that these traits can be learned, therefore anyone can become successful if they work with intent. What a great discovery. 😉 This blog is to share with you 9 Traits of Successful People, there are a few others but in my mind these are so important.

Traits of Successful People

  1. Patience It takes TIME to build a successful business. If you make ANY money in the first few months (even if it is just a few dollars) it is PERFECTLY NORMAL
  2. Take Ownership It is your business, not your up-line or downline. Everything depends on YOU and the effort you are willing to put into it to succeed.
  3. Never Stop Learning  Have a desire to get better. Don’t buy books and attend events just for the sake of it. Successful people have a desire to learn and to also teach what they learn.
  4. Be Consistent This is easier said then done but one of the most important traits of a successful person. You will get no where dabbling in anything. There will be a time you have to make a  decision to go all in and become a master and the only way to do that is to be consistent. Whatever we do repeatedly we excel in. Have you ever heard the quote

    Have a to do list. Set reminders in your phone. Choose one or two business building activities that you promise yourself you will accomplish everyday before you go to bed.  If you really want to dive in and put these principles to work for you, grab the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

  5. Persistence I personally think persistence and patiences are tied for first place when I comes to Traits of Successful People because when a little thing called failure rears its ugly head you have to have the drive and mindset to keep going. In spite of a difficult day you have to know without a doubt that this too shall pass, keep going and never give up.
  6. Balance Its easy to let yourself get consumed with succeeding but don’t spread yourself so thin. Slowing down and taking time with family and take time for yourself is very important. I am not saying stop working your business for days just be intentional about family time, dinner time, night time stories, coffee and a good book and the occasional spa treatment. Time away from our business and shifting our focus to the other important things in life is a must. If you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of your team?
  7. Give Value Focus on solving problems. Be genuinely interested in others. Educate about your product, service or opportunity. Strive to be the solution. Don’t recruit just for the sake of recruiting, understand what they need, why what you have may be of benefit to them.
  8. Focus having focus is to have a clear vision of who you want to become and that ultimate goal. It should be on your mind and consuming your attention. I firmly believe you cannot have several things you are trying to focus on. Mastering many is hard for most people. Narrow it down to that one main goal and put all of your energy into achieving that.
  9. Have Fun Enjoying your journey! People who are passionate and have fun always outperform those who isolate and keep everything to themselves. Share the fun, this allows your prospects to envision themselves working along side you. Social media is a great way for you to share your victories, your friendships, your travels. Share the freedom. Be excited about your journey and others will be drawn to you.

I know you think there are people destined to succeed and you think you aren’t one of them. Well let me tell you this, success leaves clues. Ever heard that saying? Its true. You can follow and duplicate what successful people do, develop the mindset that you CAN and you WILL. If you are willing to adopt these 9 traits and put in the hard work you will be successful.

If you enjoyed this article 9 Traits of Successful People, let me know! Feel free to share in the comments below, and tell ,me what you think are other traits that define successful people. Id love to hear your thoughts.

Love , Madra

marketing coach millionaire

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