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attraction marketing the secret to network marketing success

Attraction Marketing: The Secret to Success in Network Marketing

By Madra

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Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the Money Machine Inside of You,  Just Push the Start Button

attraction marketing the secret to network marketing success

Starting a business is hard. Growing that business is even harder.  What they tell you is that very few people make money in network marketing.  People ask, “How can you make money selling something everyone else is selling?”  Here’s the scoop: There is something inside each and every one of us that can be a money-making machine if we simply turn it on.  It’s called attraction marketing. 

Attraction marketing works in all businesses.  It’s what makes network marketing go.  And it is what you absolutely need to master if you want your business to explode.

How do you master attraction marketing?

Well, you have to get focused!  When I see people promoting their products and their opportunity, all over the place in a spammy way it makes me cringe.  Why? Because that attracts no one. No one out there can get to know YOU if you’re throwing “ads” in their face all day. Give people a chance to get to know you, let them see your passion, help them solve a problem, educate them on your industry and of course share the results you get from your products and bring that change about in your life. Live your life online and people will have an attraction to what you AND what you are doing.  

Attracting others to you is one thing but attracting the RIGHT people is what your should focus on.  Pick one thing to focus on will simplify your mission for you and make it easier on them. Niche’.

Change the way you work and think. It is necessary because what you have been doing up to this point hasn’t gotten you where you want to be.  You have to change the way you are doing things if you want to change your results.

Stop thinking negatively.  Forget about what has gone wrong. Live in the present.  Picture what you really want, how you want your life to change through your business and go for it.

Visualize this now and be thankful for it.  If you do that, these things will slowly start to become real in your life.  You can master attraction marketing in 3 steps:

  1. Stop all negative thoughts:   When they creep in, you have to stop them immediately and ask yourself why you don’t want success in your life.  Then redirect that negative energy into something positive.
  2. Give:  When you are a giving person, it naturally attracts others to you.  People see this and want to follow in your footsteps.  I have always felt more gain through giving to others than I ever have from trying to help myself.
  3. Focus on the positive:  When you do this, you give off an energy that people are naturally attracted to.  That is what attraction marketing is all about.  Master this, and prospects will flock to you.  It will seem like you aren’t working at all.

I challenge you to work at this.  Forget the negative; focus on the positives.  Work hard at giving to and helping others.  When you do all of these things, you will see results in your life and in your business.  This money-making machine is already inside of you.  Just push that start button.



P.S. I teach attraction marketing in my “Changing the Way You Do Business on Social Media” Webinar.  You can have access to it along with a ton of other trainings as part of my Mastermind Coaching Group.  >>Check it out here<<


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