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Get the Yes

Question: “How do I get people to say Yes and Join my Skinny Wrap Team? – So many potential business partners and cusotmers and they say no” Get the Yes. Madra’s Answer: Are you waiting on Them to contact you back? Are you ASKING them and giving them a choice? Are you confident in your […]


Thinking you are motivated and acting upon that motivations are two different things. Is motivation alone enough to succeed in network marketing? Although motivation is a key element in growing and sticking with your business you MUST have an attainable goal. Motivation comes from you and you get motivated everyday by working toward and meeting […]

Home Based Business

Home Based Business Just had a few things running through my mind, and I wanted to share with you. Are you Full on or Dabbling? Be honest. Can you be doing more. This is your business. How exciting to know you own your own business. Not many can say that. Be proud of that. Are […]

Overcome Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination High up on the list of buzzwords for success, somewhere between “goal setting” and “take action” is one very well-known bad word. Procrastination. It plagues every person in the world and can attack any and every aspect of life. It’s that thing draws you into your Facebook newsfeed when you’re supposed to be […]

Your Business is a Business

Doesn’t that seem like a silly title? Why would I feel compelled to tell you that your business is a business? I mean, isn’t it obvious? Not so much. Next time you catch yourself thinking negatively about your business; ask yourself what you have done to build it. How much time have you spent on […]

Share don’t Sell

Share don’t Sell  Share don’t Sell your product! If you have a product to sell that you believe in, that people want, then you already have everything you need to achieve success beyond your dreams. Just share your way to success and work it. What’s the easiest way to work it? Talk about it. It […]