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success with network marketing

The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing

The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing From one of my recent periscopes, success with network marketing is a matter of not giving in to failure. You’ve got to share your story and go full-on. Only you can do that. Only you can motivate yourself enough to do that. It’s going to suck. You’re going […]

5 Strategies To Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating I talk a lot about what to do in order to be successful.  But sometimes it is also helpful to talk about what not to do as well.  One of the most common areas people ask me for help is how to stop procrastinating when it comes to their business. It […]

3 Benefits of Working In Network Marketing

3 Amazing Benefits of Working in Network Marketing Over the last several years, I have talked to countless people about my opportunity.  I have probably given people over 100 different reasons why choosing to become a distributor on my team would help them.  But most of the time, I realized that it came down to […]

tips for setting goals

10 Tips for Setting Goals That Actually Help You Succeed

My 10 Tips for Setting Goals That Actually Help You Succeed Ok so as the beginning of each year arrives, I always make it a point to make goals for the year ahead.  And while I was sitting down making my own goals, I realized I needed to share some helpful tips for setting goals that […]

work with intention

Don’t Wait For Results, Work With Intention

Work With Intention to Grow Your Business When we are in network marketing, a lot of us tend to wait for people to come to us. We put a post on social media, and we cross our fingers that people liked it, fingers crossed that they’d private message us. There have been times, to be honest with […]

how to motivate your downline

How to Motivate Your Downline

To Motivate Your Downline, Be the Change You Want to See in Them I always liked that quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  I think it was Gandhi who said that.  Well I’ve found that you can apply it to lots of other things as well.  I get people asking me […]

how to find your passion

Find Your Passion By Taking Action

How To Find Your Passion When It Doesn’t Come Easy I just realized the other day that I am at a place right now where I have found my passion in life.  But the thing is it wasn’t always so easy for me to tell people what my passion was.  The truth is that it can […]

how to present yourself

How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections

How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections Talking about overcoming objections in an mlm business while we were on periscope was fun don’t you think?  Had a lot of people on sharing their tips and struggles. What was so great is EVERYONE on there could relate with one another because we ALL face objections. I […]

lead your downline

Lead Your Downline, Don’t Carry Them

Lead Your Downline, Don’t Carry Them One of the biggest problems when building your network marketing business is learning how to lead your downline to grow their businesses.  People are always asking me what to do to help distributors that aren’t producing.  Some people have even told me they have gone so far as to work […]

setting business goals

A Crazy Idea to Make Setting Business Goals a Bit Easier

A Crazy Idea to Make Setting Business Goals a Bit Easier I feel like I talk all the time about setting business goals and how important it is.  And I still get a ton of questions about how to do it.  I am a firm believer in breaking big goals down into small goals to make […]