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work with intention

Don’t Wait For Results, Work With Intention

Work With Intention to Grow Your Business When we are in network marketing, a lot of us tend to wait for people to come to us. We put a post on social media, and we cross our fingers that people liked it, fingers crossed that they’d private message us. There have been times, to be honest with […]

how to present yourself

How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections

How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections Talking about overcoming objections in an mlm business while we were on periscope was fun don’t you think?  Had a lot of people on sharing their tips and struggles. What was so great is EVERYONE on there could relate with one another because we ALL face objections. I […]

overcoming objections

Overcoming Objections is Overrated

Instead of Overcoming Objections, Sometimes You Need to Move On When I talk to people about closing prospects and getting new distributors, one of the biggest challenges they always tell me they face is overcoming objections.  I have spoken about some ways to do that in the past, and sometimes I really do believe it […]

tips for network marketing success

Tips for Network Marketing Success

6 Tips for Network Marketing Success Just getting started in Network Marketing and feel like you need some help to get you on your way?  I spoke about just that in my latest Success Cast and gave my 6 Tips for Network Marketing Success.  These helpful tips will get you on the right path. **NOTE: […]

The pyramid scheme

Pyramid Scheme vs Network Marketing | Overcoming the Stereotype

The buzz word “pyramid scheme” will make any network marketer cringe. It’s because the two are so often thought to be the same that when you tell someone about a network marketing opportunity people immediately think pyramid scheme. In this blog I want to get rid of the stereotype and differentiate pyramid schemes from network […]