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How to NOT Waste Your Time while Networking

We talk a lot about growing business through networking.  It’s what we’re all about, right?  I just published an e-Book, Brass Tacks:  Growing Your Business Through Social Media, that covers a ton of what can be used within social media. If you don’t have a copy, definitely check out my Private MasterBuild membership at […]

how to set up a business instagram account

13 Easy Steps to Set Up a Business Instagram Account

How to Set Up a Business Instagram Account in 13 Easy Steps Instagram is still relatively new in the social media scene.  But it is important for you to set up a business Instagram account for your network marketing business to help it grow. Instagram is a great platform to use to provide your audience with […]

network marketing on social media

Don’t Post On Social Media Until You Read This

Network Marketing On Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong!   Hey guys.  I had a few things that I needed to get off my chest.  All right, I was thinking about a few things. I actually posted about it on Twitter because I’ve just noticed that when people start network marketing, don’t you find that […]

online marketing tools

Tools I Use

ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS        Step by Step How to Set up Your Website or Blog in less than 20 minutes Website or Blog Platform. This is your HUB, you own this platform where you generate leads. WordPress: Click here or use the link below to download my complete guide to setting up a blog from scratch […]

tips for network marketing success

Tips for Network Marketing Success

6 Tips for Network Marketing Success Just getting started in Network Marketing and feel like you need some help to get you on your way?  I spoke about just that in my latest Success Cast and gave my 6 Tips for Network Marketing Success.  These helpful tips will get you on the right path. **NOTE: […]

6 Social Media Tips for Business

The Formula for successful social media marketing: Be Authentic Click To Tweet Lets start by making sure you know the meaning of “Social Media”. Many of you think it is an outlet to SELL and you are wrong. The definition clearly reads … websites and applications used fro social networking. Stop Selling. The definition says […]

How to use Twitter to build your Network Marketing business

How to Use Twitter to Build Your Network Marketing Business The power of Twitter is that it’s so easy to network with it. When you follow someone on Twitter, their followers will see you too. And since network marketing is a numbers game, the more people see and hear you, the better. The primary goal […]

Facebook Twitter Marketing Tip

Facebook Twitter Marketing Tip   Pretend you are Not in Network Marketing while you read this Facebook, Twitter Marketing Tip: When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter (wherever) and you see a status that says “Join My Team” does it want to make you join their team? Yea, I didn’t think so. So why would […]