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success with network marketing

The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing

By Madra

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The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing

success with network marketing

From one of my recent periscopes, success with network marketing is a matter of not giving in to failure.

You’ve got to share your story and go full-on. Only you can do that. Only you can motivate yourself enough to do that. It’s going to suck. You’re going to have days that nobody responds. You’re going to have days that people think you’re crazy. You’re going to have days that completely blow your own mind. No matter what happens, you cannot be addicted to the outcome of that moment when you’re speaking to someone. You have to know that when you are working this business that millionaire status isn’t going to happen the first four people you talk to. It’s not going to happen the first four months. All these stories out there about millionaires, nobody can relate to them except the millionaires. I didn’t believe the stories when I first started.  I was just as lost as everyone else when it came to having success with network marketing.

I will tell you this. Everyone starts at zero. Everyone starts with zero damn confidence. Everyone starts completely clueless. Everyone starts looking at their compensation plan with crossed eyes like I don’t understand what is going on. Everyone starts with insecurity. Everyone starts with fear that people are going to think you’re nuts. You’re not the only one. Don’t feel like you’re the only one that feels like you can’t do this. You have to realize that everyone else has been in your shoes. There are tons of people walking in your shoes right now.

You’ve got to realize that the people that make it to the top, the people that reach those insane goals, those people that have turned their life around and they have reached that vision, they have reached that moment where they are who they wanted to become their whole life, the moment that they reach that it’s amazing. You’ve got to remember that didn’t happen overnight. You have to remember that they worked hard. No one sees that. You have to remember that they had nights they were bawling and saying, “There’s no way I can do this.”  Millionaires didn’t quit. That’s the only difference. The only difference is people like me that are making tons of money in this industry didn’t quit when someone rolled their eyes, didn’t quit when someone said, “Oh my God, this is so dumb, like you’re in a pyramid scheme.” I didn’t quit. It’s the only difference between failure and success with network marketing.

I played a game with myself. I made this a game. The game was see how long I can stand it. Let me see how long I can work this. Let me see how long I can stay in this business and change my life and change someone else’s. I am telling you that not quitting is the secret, working your tail off, and believing in yourself. I feel like so much of this business, so much of being an entrepreneur, so much of growing a business, so much of success is in your head.

It’s crazy.  When you are totally believing that you can, it changes your life. I used to say to myself, “I’m number one.” I used to act like I was number one way before I was. I used to trick myself into believing that I was, that I had already made that check that I was wishing for. The secret to that is not just believing it. I worked as if I were. I worked as if it was already coming true. I want you to set your goals, you guys. I want you to believe that you can achieve them, work for them, pray for them. Don’t give up on you. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your family. Believe it, receive it, and take action. 

God wants us to dream big.  I want you to believe in yourself. I believe that you can do it. There is nothing different about me. There’s nothing special about me that you don’t have.

Believe that you are worthy. Because you are. If you can do this, I know that you will have success with network marketing.

Here is a little clip from the Periscope.

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P.S. If you are ready to work hard and take your business to the next level, my 4 Week Breakthrough is a great place to start to give you a really great foundation for building your business.  If you take the course and truly work hard at the things I teach and don’t give up, I know you will be extremely successful.



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