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How to Use Facebook Pages for Network Marketing Businesses

Facebook for Network Marketers

By Madra

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Facebook Pages for Business

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  Please tell me you are not trying to market your business through your personal Facebook page. Seriously! Do you realize you are limiting yourself and the possibility of reaching millions and millions of people? Create a business PAGE. Pages are public and can be seen by everyone. The chances of your product or service getting out to the masses is highly likely. Here are a few Facebook Tips that will ensure your page is set up for success.

How to Use Facebook Pages for Network Marketing Businesses

Facebook Tips

1. DO NOT use anything but a headshot of yourself for the profile photo. Your followers cannot get to know a picture of a product, which leads me to number 2. 2. Use the cover photo to tell your followers what you are all about. This is where you show off your product or service. 3. When posting a status DO NOT SELL to them. How many times have you scrolled through Facebook and seen BUY THIS. JOIN ME. ON SALE. Does it make you jump and click and Buy or Join? Didn’t think so. Do you like to be SOLD to? Yeah me either. So Stop It. 4. What does social media mean to you? Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg created this global phenomenon? It wasn’t for e-commerce, that’s for sure. It was designed to build relationships, to engage people and to connect people from worlds away. Build relationships. Get to know people and be the solution to their need. 5. Live on your page. Let people that brow see WHO you are. People buy from those they like and trust. Be yourself. post personal things, be funny, share your thoughts and make sure you go in the direction of trying to help people. Don’t be so selfish and try to GET. Give great contact to them. 6. Did you know you can use Facebook AS your page. Instead of browsing Facebook as your personal profile. Use Facebook as your page and go connect and interact with other business pages. Join communities, like other like minded pages, comment and interact with people. 7. Make sure you fill out the information in the ABOUT section of your page. Your name, website, email, phone number and a little Bio about yourself, give a description of what your products or services are.. This takes us back to the LET PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Right? 8. Do NOT buy likes. This will plummet your page to the bottom of Facebook’s search ranks. If you don’t believe me, try it. The more you interact, the more likes you get. It will take time but remember even if someone hasn’t clicked LIKE they can still see your page. 9. Do NOT spam. If you are constantly messaging people they are going to report you. How would you feel if you got spammy messages in your inbox. BuhBye-Delete. 10. Every now and then it would be a good idea to create an ad to promote your page. The easiest way to do this is to be on your page and click the link that says PROMOTE PAGE. The ad is already there. Start by spending $10 a day, select a few days and watch your likes rise.   Hope this helped.   Love You, Madra 


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