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Get the Yes

By Madra

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Question: “How do I get people to say Yes and Join my Skinny Wrap Team? – So many potential business partners and cusotmers and they say no”

get the yes
Get the Yes.
Madra’s Answer: Are you waiting on Them to contact you back? Are you ASKING them and giving them a choice? Are you confident in your approach and your explanation of the business? You body language says a lot. As you are talking to them are you thinking “Gosh they probably wont join” If you are they can sense that. Are you making it really simple for them to understand how easy and risk free this business is? $99. to get  their business started,  includes online training, online business center, replicated website and 4 skinny wraps, sell those for 25-30 each and it’s a risk free start up. Where can you start a business for no cost?

Show them the steps to success. Guide them and teach them. Do not go beyond that, don’t overwhelm them, the mlm industry is new to so many people. If they are not willing to watch their training, take your advice or complete the steps the company lays out, they aren’t going to be a good fit for you.

When you are wrapping someone that wants to try the product someone, give them their options. Give them a Choice. Do you want to be a loyal customer and use our products at a discount OR make money by sharing this product with your friends and family? Show them all the ways you an earn with your company and Let them decide which best fits them.

Hope this helps!

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