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Home Based Business

By Madra

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Home Based Business

Just had a few things running through my mind, and I wanted to share with you.

Are you Full on or Dabbling? Be honest. Can you be doing more. This is your business. How exciting to know you own your own business. Not many can say that. Be proud of that.
Are you daily sharing how your product and business have changed your daily life?
Do you have your goals somewhere you see them everyday?
What have you accomplished over the last 15 days?
What I love is knowing that anyone that applies themselves will become healthier and wealthier. Do you believe that?

Here are some facts. You are in the right industry. The hardest part is deciding to join. You’ve done that. All you have to do is follow the steps and prove to yourself you can be successful. Take advantage of this. Work to your fullest.

tips for running a home based business
Someone starts a new Home based Business every 10 seconds (U.S.).

-15.8 Million people working from home full-time (U.S.).

-Another 38 million or 12% of the total population working from home part-time (U.S.).

-82% of #Distributors are female and 18% are male (U.S.).

-By 2015, it is estimated that 50% of homes will be involved in the MLM Industry (U.S.).

-$28.56 billion in Direct Sales (Network Marketing) in 2010 (U.S.).

-23% of all #NetworkMarketing sales are related to the Wellness Industry (U.S.).

-20% of home based #entrepreneurs said that their business grossed between $100,000 and $500,000 last year (U.S.).

#HomeBasedBusiness wage earner’s success rate is over 85% compared with small businesses like retail shops and restaurants, at about 95% failure rate after 5 years.

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