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how to present yourself

How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections

By Madra

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How To Present Yourself When Overcoming Objections

Talking about overcoming objections in an mlm business while we were on periscope was fun don’t you think?  Had a lot of people on sharing their tips and struggles. What was so great is EVERYONE on there could relate with one another because we ALL face objections. I loved your input and advice on how YOU overcome them.  One of the biggest takeaways from that was learning how to present yourself in those situations.

The key is not letting the objections from your prospects get you down. Your posture plays a big role in how you handle situations while talking about your product or business and by posture I don’t mean shoulders back, head up and smile (of course that doesn’t hurt either) I mean the confidence you portray. First of all I will have to tell you when I started in my network marketing business I had zero confidence, but what I did know, was that I knew MORE THAN what my prospect knew about what we were talking about.

how to present yourself

One way to overcome objections is knowing your product and having a story. Be a product of the product and share your results story, no one can define what you know to be true. Believing in what you are sharing with your prospect makes it easy to present yourself well, wouldn’t you say? Same holds true for the objections you get when you speak of the opportunity. Have a story and I’m not saying you need a mind-blowing million-dollar success story. People cannot relate to that. Share with them why YOU started your side business, share with them your experience and even if your checks are 50 bucks be excited and say it works! Right? You worked, share the product with a few people and got paid, there is no scam in that.

When learning how to present yourself, it is important to remember to just be yourself, be honest. Work hard with integrity and success will follow you all the days of your life. We face objections from our prospects, from our loved ones and even ourselves; however, objections will remain a constant in your life. The keys to being an overcomer are the ways in which you present yourself when those objections come along.

Objection: I don’t think I have what it takes to be successful in this business. There is far too much to learn and too many ways to get lost in this business.

How to Respond: I may not know everything, but I continue to learn more about my business which inevitably makes me more sure of myself and the knowledge I carry. Confidence is a key factor of leading! 

Objection: I’m not a salesperson.

How to Respond: There are no tricks behind telling a story about your life. Sharing a part of your life that involves success and/or money is not a classless act, but instead, be proud to share that experience (even and especially if that experience is a story of you making and cashing a $50 check). Sharing something relatable is what can make the difference for a prospect. It is important to share that success does not occur overnight. 

Objection: I don’t have time.

How to Respond: Choose to view your situation as flexible. There is always an opportunity to make our lives more organized and efficient in order to become more successful and productive individuals. When speaking with others, it is important to find out what they truly hope to gain from their business. This will help you find a way to lead others to a place where they see themselves as “overcomers” with regard to time. 

Presenting yourself as a leader begins with having a mindset that refuses to fail and refuses to believe that you don’t have what it takes to be successful.  Overcoming objections from others and, possibly even more importantly, yourself is an important step to becoming THE leader.

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