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How to use Twitter to build your Network Marketing business

By Madra

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How to Use Twitter to Build Your Network Marketing Business
The power of Twitter is that it’s so easy to network with it. When you follow someone on Twitter, their followers will see you too. And since network marketing is a numbers game, the more people see and hear you, the better.

The primary goal to building a successful network marketing or direct sales business is to pull people into your business, rather than having to chase after them. It’s like an avid bird watcher leaving bread crumbs out for birds so they come to where he wants them. If you can get your audience curious, they’ll come to you wanting more. Here are just some of the things you can try doing to promote your business using Twitter.

Promote your website. Link up your company website, your blog articles, or any sites that talk about your products, services and business. If your content is interesting to them, they may tweet about it on their own.
Announce special sales, new products and promos. Since your posts are public, someone may get interested in what you’re marketing. If you like, you can even give special discounts only to your followers. Here, the hashtag will be your best friend.
twitter-marketing, special advice, helpful material and how-to’s related to your industry. The idea is to offer something of value to other people. The best scenario is that people consider you an expert in this field and will come to you for advice. This is a good lead-in for talking about your business later.
Give updates on your events. An excellent way to market an event and get curious people to come. Even those who aren’t attending may want to hear about it as well, so you can start a chat sessions with them so you can find out more.
Collect testimonials. Go on Twitter Search and look for what people are saying about your products and your company. If you find a good testimonial, mark it as a favorite. These all go on your Favorites list. If people ask you about your business, link them to this page. Nothing beats praise from someone who’s actually happy with your product!

No matter what your aim is, it’s important to avoid spamming. Twitter doesn’t take well to spammers. Don’t constantly send out messages about your products and businesses without saying anything valuable or useful to anyone. Not only can that practice get your account banned, it will give your brand and business a bad name.

Lead Generation

As mentioned before, the more people you come in contact with in Twitter, the better for you. Using Twitter to get leads needs a lot of work, but if you are good at it, they may end up finding you instead!

Update your blog regularly. Make one if you don’t have one, as it’s quite easy and is your best source of traffic. Think of your 140-character Twitter post as a teaser or a lead-in to the “real” content found in the blog. Needless to say, read the comments you get. Your regular visitors may just be the leads you’re looking for.
Create a specialized landing page for Twitter followers. This is where people from Twitter will link to. Consider it the digital version of the elevator pitch. It should summarize the most important things your product and business, enough so that people will become interested and what to know more.
Chat with your followers. Send them a direct message to say hello and strike up a conversation. Look for things you have in common. Be interested in their lives and they’ll take an interest in yours. From there, you can lead into what you do in your business.
Retweet your followers’ posts is a great way to build connection with them and they’ll most likely return the favor, which in turn will give you better exposure on their networks.
Search for people in your niche. Are you in the health and wellness industry? The coffee industry? Technology? Home economics? Look for people with the same interests and follow them. You already have something in common that you can talk about, after all!
Keep giving valuable content. Keep people interested in you. Tweet your observations, your motivational quotes, useful information, anything that will help other people. Do you read self-help books? Why not talk about it? Keep the attitude that the more you give, the more you get.
Search for people who need your products. Once again, Twitter Search will come in mighty handy here. Search popular keywords, problems and questions related to your business. Chat with people who have these questions and try to help them. You just might get the solid lead you’re looking for.
Ask for referrals. A simple yet largely overlooked tip for lead generation. If you’re on good terms with your followers, they’ll be more than happy to help you. Simply ask if they know someone who needs what you have or are looking to get into some kind of business.

Hope this helps!


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