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Improve Your Weaknesses or Get Rid of Them

By Madra

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Improve Your Weaknesses Or Get Rid of Them

You’ve got to figure out what you’re doing wrong in your business. This business is trial and error. There’s no big secret to it. There’s no, “Talk to five hundred people and you’re guaranteed to be a top earner.” The numbers don’t lie. Obviously, the more people that you talk to the more people that are going to sign up with you, or the more people that are going to buy your product, that’s a given. To be steady, to be consistent, to really hone in on the skills that it takes to really become a top earner in this business, it’s something that you have to have the drive to want to do. Do you have enough drive to invest in yourself? To find a coach? To Google stuff? I love Google!

improve your weaknesses network marketing

Do you reach out to your sponsor for help? Do you go to your corporate events? Your company, I’m sure, has training videos. Are you watching those? You’ve got to immerse yourself in your business if you want it to grow.

If you can use all of these resources, they can really help you to find out what you are doing wrong in your business.  If you can find what you are doing wrong, whether it be social media or approaching prospects or follow up.  Whatever it is, find those things you are doing wrong.  Then either cut those things out of your business or fix them to make them work for you.  If you focus on those things that work for you, you will get better and better at them.

It is said that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our work.  That’s crazy right!?  80% of the time you spend, you only produce 20% of your results from.  That is what I am talking about here.  Spend more time on those hight producing activities and less on the ones that don’t produce as much.  Or improve those things that aren’t producing to make them produce.  You won’t ever improve if you can’t take a look at yourself and give an honest review about what is really working and what isn’t, learn from the efforts that seem to fail. 

I challenge you to find a resource to improve one underperforming part of your business.  Analyze your business every month. Improve your weaknesses….one at a time.  Before you know it, you will be more successful than you could ever imagine.



P.S. One area that most people can improve in is finding and attracting amazing people for their downline.  If you want a short, not overwhelming resource for this, you should check out my Fishing for Superstars mini e-book.  It walks you through 7  steps to improve your prospecting for your network marketing business.



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