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Intelligent Leadership

By Madra

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I often get asked about what books to read. My Library of Genius is a great place to start. It has everything from Tony Robins to Seth Godin to Ted Talks. However, I am going to read Nicole Heimann’s How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You. Inc Magazine recently interviewed her. The title “Your Title Doesn’t Make You a Great Leader, But These 7 Do” just grabbed my attention. Just think about it. In Network Marketing or work in general, you don’t have to reach the executive level to become a leader. You can literally start out at the bottom and lead an army. Being a CEO is nothing, but there are seven dimensions that make you a leader; physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, heart intelligence, communication intelligence, pragmatic intelligence, neuroscience intelligence and conscious intelligence.

When one thinks about intelligence, they often think about book smarts like what grades you made in school. We all have our weaknesses and strengths whether it was trying to make the perfect vase in art class or trying not to create a disaster in the lab in chemistry class. However, I feel as though the most important factors are people skills. It boils down to whether you are a natural leader or not.

You know me by now, I could care less about school growing up. The grades I made in school don’t matter, but who I was as a person does. We need to remember that are actions prove who you are as a person. I have to say heart intelligence is the most critical element because it boils down to everything. Your heart intelligence produces your reasoning behind your passion. I want you to ask yourself, “Are your actions filled with intent?” If not refocus on the person you want to be.

Leaders know themselves very well, which leads to confidence. This also allows you to recognize what you need to work on. If you think you are perfect you are not, trust me every one of us lacks at least one quality in the seven dimensions. One might lack communication intelligence where they are afraid to talk to strangers or even draft up a blog. Just the way you frame something will let your prospects know if they need to get on your team. However, make sure that whatever you do comes from the heart. Don’t do it to see fame or likes on Instagram.

However, the most important element of network marketing is communication intelligence. There are so many elements of communication such as timing, the appropriate words to use and speaking to people.

The article ended a point in bold letters forget the title and be yourself. Wipe away that label and get to work. Let your good nature do the job for you. Everyone is caught up in labels whether your jeans are designer or if the generic product is better than the name brand. Remember the title is nothing, it boils down to who you are as a person.

P.S. Now it is time to get to work. You are intelligent after all. Now prove to everyone that you are a leader.



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