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By Madra

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I’m jumping.  Again. Give me a minute here to get this out so it doesn’t start some crazy storm.  I’m not jumping companies or goals, I’m just going to do life bigger and better and work to help more people. I’m jumping into taking what I know and doing more.  We don’t get anywhere without taking people with us.  You’ve all let me into your life, which blows my mind with gratitude.  And so pretty soon I’m going to be offering more to help you help yourself drive you to your dreams.  I am completely fired up.  This is going to be BIG.

Here’s the deal – I post inspiration and hard hitting truth when it hits me in my own life and I feel like I should share it, but I haven’t taken the time to really dig in lately. The interim has been awesome.  I’ve been enjoying my kids and taking a breather from the stuff that muddies the waters of life.  It’s been an insanely amazing several years and a whole lot of hard work and a hell of a lot of fun.  I do NOT want to stop.

So, I spent several years working like a mad woman toward my dreams, I achieved what I thought was the pinnacle, took some time to hang with my kids and enjoy what I had worked for, and now… I’ve had a lot of time to think.  Truth be told…I’m getting a little restless…a lot restless.  I kept thinking, “what is it that all of these amazing people I have met over the past four years of building a business have in common?”  There are a number of things, no doubt.  But more than anything is this – they jumped.  I’m talking took a flying leap into the life of their dreams and said to the naysayers “get the hell out of my way.”   The amazing thing is none of it ever felt like work – for any of us.  When you harness that image in your mind’s eye of what you want for your life and for your family and jump in with both feet, the world shakes.  It moves.  Everything changes and it changes you.  There is sacrifice and crazy hard work in working like you mean it.  But don’t you know the time will pass anyway?  If you’re going to work like you mean it, work like you damn well mean it.

So for the past few months I’ve been reminded of the reasons I built my business and got to do life with so many incredible people.  I’m like you.  Thinking of my future is a part of my present and every day.  I want the best for my kids and I want to give where it’s needed.  I want the capacity to DO LIFE in a big way, and I’ve earned it.  I jumped and a lot of people jumped with me.

So here’s what I want to do, what I am DOING.  We are going to jump even higher.  We are going to overcome every single illusion that looks like an obstacle and calls itself truth and we are going to out it for the lying illusion it is.  We are getting real, and we’ve got to go all in to make it happen.  You can’t overcome anything unless you know what it is and what if it’s all just an illusion from fear anyway?  Stand in fear and watch it all pass you by or use the time that will pass anyway and un-plant your grounded feet.  Freaking jump.  I don’t care what avenue to happiness is staring you dead in the eye just daring you to move.  If it’s honest, it is your ocean.  Jump.  The only regret you will ever have is standing in the same place for way too damn long.

So…stay tuned.  The next big jump is so much more and I want to do this together.

Truth Be Told,
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