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How To Market Your Business on Facebook

By Madra

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‪#‎Facebook‬ Marketing 101
Create a business Page.
10 TIPS:
1. Your cover photo should be about your business. At a glance people should know what you are all about.
2. Your profile picture should be YOU.
3. Complete the ABOUT section so your fans can learn more about you.
4. Post daily. 3 times at minimum.
5. Before you actually make the post, read it a few times to make sure it is something that you would actually say.
6. Be You not everyone else. People buy from those they like, have a relationship with and trust.
7. Don’t try to Sell to people all the time.
8. Fulfill a Need. What do people need? Be their solution.
9. Leave your contact information in your posts.
10. Move a bit of your personal life here. Build a relationship with your fans. Besides, isn’t Social Media supposed to be “social?”

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