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Facebook Twitter Marketing Tip

By Madra

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Facebook Twitter Marketing Tip


Pretend you are Not in Network Marketing while you read this Facebook, Twitter Marketing Tip: When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter (wherever) and you see a status that says “Join My Team” does it want to make you join their team? Yea, I didn’t think so. So why would You post that? A post like that is screaming I AM ALL ABOUT ME. What about them? The people reading that. What do they need? I know what they don’t need, they don’t need you telling them to join your team and give you $ money for a start up kit when they don’t have any money $ to give.

Seriously think about what you are really asking when you post that. Most people who start a network marketing business need a few hundred bucks to make ends meet therefore handing you money to start something they have no idea about is lubricious. Are you with me here or am I wasting my breath on this? You chose to start your business because you heard or read a story that you could relate too, or you tried the product, love it and couldn’t help but want to tell everyone about it, which in turn made you realize….THAT is EXACTLY what I NEED where do I join.

Now go post accordingly. Share YOU! No one likes to be sold too. Get the dollar out of your eye and go help someone.  





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