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By Madra

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Thinking you are motivated and acting upon that motivations are two different things.
Is motivation alone enough to succeed in network marketing?
Although motivation is a key element in growing and sticking with your business you MUST have an attainable goal. Motivation comes from you and you get motivated everyday by working toward and meeting the goals to set for yourself. I know you all want to make a million dollars in your mlm business and be among the 1% but this will not happen over night. You have to set goals. (daily, weekly, monthly) They have to be something that you can reach.

I believe your long term goal can be far fetched but not all goals you set for yourself should be. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This business takes work but I promise you, that if you work diligently for a few years your entire life will change for ever. There is not a business in this world that can give you what network marketing can, but you have to be willing to work it. This is a business. Treat it like one.
Sit down and think about what you want. What you need. Think small on the short term and set a date to meet that goal and do it. As you meet those goals, set more. the GOALS will keep you going, motivate you to apply yourself each day and when you meet them your confidence will build bigger and bigger which = Passion. THAT is what will keep you driving to work your business and not give up. The only way network marketing will not work for you, is if you stop working it.

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