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Network Marketing Fact

By Madra

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 Network Marketing Fact


You have 3-5 years to work your network marketing business consistently and your goal is to enroll 300 distributors, help them and train them. but wait there is a catch..

What you NEED to know to become a top earner in direct sales?

What if I told you out of the 300 you were challenged to enroll,
network marketing facts 150 of them will quit, right off the bat, they will sign up and you will never hear from them again. Sound familiar? pretty defeating wouldn’t you say?
95 of the 300 will dabbled around in the business. They will sign their mom and friend but wont go beyond that. These are your all TALK no ACTION people. They like to talk about what they are going to do and thats about it (this sounds familiar too right?)
50 will worked their business but will consume most of your time because they want to discuss ever move. (can you say Drama) They actually step out and enroll more than just family. So far this sounds pointless right? A waste of time? Yes, that is what 99% of people in network marketing think at this point in their business. This is about the time they say “Im Done, I clearly suck at this”

But wait, there is a Network Marketing Fact I want to share with you that no one seems to share with anyone. This business is a numbers game. Only the strong survive. So many quit because they feel like they will NEVER find anyone that will want to take it to the top. They start feeling like THEY clearly cannot succeed in mlm space. But wait, there are 5 left. Are you willing to work your business knowing your victory is near..
5. THE FIVE. They Want IT ALL. They Run. Full On. Mach 10 with their Hair on Fire. (as Richard Bliss Brooke would say) These 5  see vision, they dream, then set out to achieve. They believe in themselves, believe in the product, believe in the company, know exactly WHO they want to become through network marketing, they never make an excuse, they OWN where they stand, they have drive, determination and are self motivated. They only need you to guide them, they can handle everything else.

Network Marketing Fact Disclaimer:
You will have an array of emotion during this time. You will be wondering if you have any business in this business. You will question yourself EVERY SINGLE TIME one of those 150 quit. You will doubt yourself and if you aren’t careful you will end up defeated and quit. You will be sad, confused, angry, happy and on cloud9. And at times you will feel all of those emotions the same day.

Without a doubt you will believe in all 300 of these people with all your heart, (even the 150 that quit) because after all ANYONE can be successful in the Network Marketing if they work. What is sad is several don’t believe in themselves.

Let me be honest, is that okay? I want to shed some light on those 95. Remember them? They Talk instead of Do. Be careful because you’ll start to believe their TALK, but realize fast that ACTIONS speak louder than words. You will be a coach, motivator, leader, their main (and sometimes only) source of inspiration. These 95 will bring you close to burn you out if you let them. You will have to make sure they understand how to build their business and reach their goals. Give them the necessary tools be positive, praise them when they deserve it, but step back because they will drain the life right out of you. You cannot motivate them enough to get them to take action and even though you will want to, You cannot want success for them, MORE than they do.

Now onto the 50. You will get caught up in drama and negativity if you are not careful. Hey it happens, your human, but you have to consciously keep from getting into conversations that waste time and lead to know where fast. The 50 will absolutely take you down if you are not careful. They are tricky these 50 because they are working their business, an asset to your team to an extent but they spend most of their time looking at what everyone else is doing, comparing themselves and get consumed with idle chat. Help them, guide them, love them and be the rockstar you want them to be. Several will copy you.

Then there were 5, oh the 5. I Love the number 5. These fine folks will be a breath of fresh air. You will be all smiles around them.  They are self sufficient, self motivated and most of the time YOU will learn from THEM. They are positive, they are eager to learn and they have a desire to help others. They will only contact you with questions and every answer you give them will launch them into an even more in depth approach to their business. They get it. They see it. They have a why that wont quit. They have drive. They have determination. They strive to be better. They can’t get enough of “learning” and personal development., they understand that growing as a person will also grow their business and make them a better leader. These are the type of people that you WANT to have a race with to the top, and if they were to beat you there, you would gladly shout their success from the rooftops.

Here is the moral of the story. These statistics are your Network Marketing Fact. This is NORMAL. Everyone working a direct selling business will tell you, many will come and go but the few that stay will change your business. Plant your feet, be determined to find your 5 this business will be the best decision you ever made in your life. Do not let the lack of others determine whether or not you will become successful.  The reward is so great. Financially yes but the freedom of time, friendships you will make, the lives you will change and how you grow as a person will be priceless. You cannot buy that. You will be living a life you had only once dreamed of…

So then after all that …. Repeat.

thanks for reading this Network Marketing Fact. I hope was an eye opener for you.

PS: Are you determined to FIND YOUR FIVE? comment below.

Love, Madra

madra network marketing business coach

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