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network marketing on social media

Don’t Post On Social Media Until You Read This

By Madra

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Network Marketing On Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong!


Hey guys.  I had a few things that I needed to get off my chest.  All right, I was thinking about a few things. I actually posted about it on Twitter because I’ve just noticed that when people start network marketing, don’t you find that they turn weird? They turn weird, right? They start acting like somebody else. They quit being themselves and quit posting about their life and about things that people are interested in. They start pounding social media about joining their team and buying their product. All of a sudden they’re this weird freak!

network marketing on social media

I’ve noticed it. I’ve noticed it on my own Facebook wall. I’m like “Dude, you’ve got to stop.” I almost want to message them and say “Be normal.” I honestly don’t think that it’s network marketing, I don’t necessarily think it’s the industry that people can’t handle. I think it’s network marketers. I think it’s the people that join network marketing that lose their freaking mind, they start acting weird, they start selling. Every sentence is them selling something. Please tell me I’m making sense. Do you agree with me on this? People need to hear this. Oh my gosh we have to get a grip!

We have to get a grip or people are going to continue to run from this industry. I was that way. I felt like any time I had a conversation with someone in a network marketing business, they had an ulterior motive. They had this ulterior motive, and they’re just being my friend because they want to freaking hook line and sinker me into their cult business and I don’t want anything to do with it. If we continue on with these ulterior motives and all I’m thinking is I’ve got to sign them, I need them to get their credit card out so they can buy my kit or buy my product, you’re going to continue to have people running from you. They’re going to keep running from you. They’re not going to have anything to do with you.

Build relationships, you have to care about them. You have to stop thinking about yourself. People will continue to think this is a pyramid scheme. They will continue to think that you’re totally in this for yourself and you don’t even care about them. I need to get off my soapbox, right? Thank you for reading. I hope that you took something from this. I hope that you will share this post because if you have to start posting about your lifestyle. You certainly can post about your side business, your sideline network marketing job or the fact that you are blessed to have landed a network marketing position in a company that’s helping you stay home with your kids. That is real life. That is certainly real life. That isn’t shoving network marketing down someone’s throat. That’s not shoving a product down someone’s throat.

As long as you are the solution, as long as you can be the answer to someone’s need you are going to go far in the business. As long as you put others first and you stop worrying about the name. If you stop worrying about just getting a name, just getting someone that’s breathing in your business. You’ve got to stop doing things that way. You can’t grow your business that way, it won’t work, it will crumble. I promise. I love you guys so much! Do you guys get what I’m saying?

Some people say you’ve got to look for rock stars. You know what my answer to that is? My answer to that is “Be the rock star you are looking for because when you work your business and you show action and you see success and you’re helping people, people want to naturally follow you.” People naturally want to be with you and do what you’re doing. Be the rock star you’re looking for. Someone is saying what did I do before I started network marketing? I owned two salons. It was my dream. I did not want anything to do with network marketing because I thought “You know what I don’t need another job.”

I was totally content with my salons but I began to realize that I was married to those salons for forty to sixty hours a week, even though I was my own boss I was like “Look, I can’t raise these kids and raise all the kids at the salon too.” I was a business owner beforehand, to answer your question.  But I saw something greater in this!

That is what you have to do.  You have to see something greater and build your business, live your life by choice not by chance.






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