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Network Marketing Tips: 7 Ways To Generate Leads

By Madra

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Whether you’re just starting out or feeling lost with how to grow your network, I’m here to help! Today I’m sharing my 7 network marketing tips that will help you generate more leads and get you to the next level.

1. Prospect With Social Media

In this day and age you need to use social media to build trust. It is NOT a place to sell! Don’t you just scroll past all the sales pitches that show up on your newsfeed? I know I do! This is exactly why just pitching your product or service is ineffective on social media. Instead, use your social media as an outlet in which to network, build relationships, and share your story.

Post with power

Be proud of your business and create posts that benefit your reader. Make sure to share your lifestyle and personality, because people are more willing to buy from you if they can relate to you!

Post with consistency

As simple as it sounds, be consistent. Post things like testimonials and your experience as well as information about your product. But don’t just post a picture with the price, remember to show not sell!

Post with Intent

Think about who your following is and be able to post what will relate to them. Is the post relevant, interesting or informative to that person?

Network marketing tips

2. Build Relationships

You can build relationships everywhere you go with everyone you meet. Something I hear all the time is “My network is saturated”. No it’s not! You can meet new people when you are out at dinner, at the mall, waiting at the doctor’s office, or picking your kids up from school. Hand out your business card, tell people to visit your website to check it out, and then encourage them get a hold of you so you can share the opportunity.
For the people who say they are too busy to work this business- they aren’t. If they have 15 minutes a day you can work this business. Just remember to connect, care, and convert. This means build that relationship, take the time to listen to them and care about their needs, and help them realize the benefit this opportunity will have.

3. Start With Your List

When building your network the first thing you should start with is a list of 100 people. I know your first thought is that you can’t think of 100 people, but you can! Include friends, family, people you work with, your hairstylist, your doctor, etc. Once your list is done, contact every single one of them by phone, text, Facebook or however. Ask for 10 minutes of their time to let them know of this new opportunity you are so excited about. If they say no? Ask to show them your product. No again? No doesn’t mean “no”, it means “not right now”. Come back to them later when it’s the right time.

4. Invest In Your Business

Constantly be learning and growing in order to truly invest in yourself which in turn will help you invest in your business. Go to all of your company’s meetings, read up on all of your products, and learn about your industry inside and out. This business is all about sharing your product or service and in order to be successful you need to know everything you can.
Another way to invest in your business is to rock the expos and other events! Not only will you connect with potential customers and distributors but you have the opportunity to talk with fellow vendors. These events are perfect for giveaways, free parties, and most importantly, collecting leads.

Network marketing tips

5. Engage Your Audience

Social media contests, door prizes, and hostess gifts are all great ways to engage your audience. Then after the contest reach out to contestants who didn’t win because they engaged your business and it is important to take the time to reciprocate. If someone took the time to comment on a post or like your product, you need to take the time to reach out and thank them or see if they would be interested in learning more. It’s always about building relationships remember?!

6. Be the Solution

This business is not about you. It is about every single person you have connected with. Your primary job is to be the solution. If someone can relate to a problem you can solve, this gives you the perfect way to connect. A great way you can answer questions, share your expertise, and experiences is through blogging. There are many free platforms like blogger, or WordPress that will help you find your niche and relate to people who read your blog. * Tip: Make sure to share your blog on social media!

7. Be Social & Have a Party

Parties are a great way to show your product and share your experiences. Even better, parties are a great way to get more leads! Your main goal should try and book a future parties with the new prospects you just connected with. If you don’t have a product, you can still have a party or meeting that shares your business.

Just remember that facts and knowledge are good, but ACTION is the key to being successful.

Love, Madra

madra network marketing business coach

P.S. Can’t get enough of my network marketing tips? Watch my full webinar “My Top 7 Prospecting Methods”. If you found this post helpful, please comment below I love hearing your feedback!


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