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overcoming objections

Overcoming Objections is Overrated

By Madra

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Instead of Overcoming Objections, Sometimes You Need to Move On

When I talk to people about closing prospects and getting new distributors, one of the biggest challenges they always tell me they face is overcoming objections.  I have spoken about some ways to do that in the past, and sometimes I really do believe it can be important.  But you know what I think is more important?  Being able to confidently walk away from someone who says no or has strong objections or simply isn’t ready to take this step.  Be confident…walk away.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t overcome objections that are small or are easily addressed by your opportunity (especially when you know this opportunity really could be a solution to their problems).  What I’m talking about are the prospects who you would basically have to drag into joining your company.  We aren’t here to be shady and try to get people into the business at all costs.  In my experience, the distributors that I have signed up that weovercoming objectionsre really excited about starting are the ones who excelled the most.  They are the ones who made a commitment, worked hard, and didn’t make excuses.

Don’t let that “NO” bother you.  That one distributor is not going to make or break you.  And make sure that everyone knows that it doesn’t bother you.  When you give off that feeling of confidence, people will see it and want to know how you can be so confident.  It may make that person who just gave you a “no” think again.

Think about it from your own point of view.  Would you be more likely to want to join someone who is desperate or someone who is obviously confident and secure in what they are doing?  Who would you rather look to for leadership?  I can’t imagine wanting to look to someone like that for leadership.

So when you feel yourself trying so hard at overcoming objections from a prospect, take a step back for  second.  Ask yourself: Am I appearing desperate?  Tell yourself, “‘No’ is ok.”  There will be another “yes” right around the corner.



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