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Purpose vs Passion

By Madra

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How Finding Your Passion Leads to Purpose

Passion!  Purpose!  These are huge.  I came across a great article a few days ago, in Forbes titled, Passion, Hobby or Purpose?, which I found to be super relatable. The article had a lot of qualities that reminded me of myself, and definitely left me evaluating passion versus purpose in my own life.

Having a passion is something that sets your soul on fire. You get excited being around whatever it is that inspires that passion. And being around a passionate person inspires others.  That is so uplifting and important.  As entrepreneurs and leaders we work to inspire, that’s the idea right, to lead by example and motivate and move things forward, push the envelope.  Passion is when I come alive.  Its coaching, motivating, truth talking, working to build and help others do the same.  It’s new ventures and exciting opportunities. And my kids…top of the list.  That’s passion right there.

I saw my life change when I decided to work from home to be closer to my kids because it gave me such satisfaction and peace.  Not only did I develop relationships with amazing people from all over and all walks of life, I was able to channel my passion to others and theirs to me.  That’s amazing stuff for an entrepreneur.  And whether you are in a home based business, a traditional business owner, leading a team in sales or starting your own new endeavor, we are all storytellers of what matters to us.  That’s passion. There is no “trick” to living your passion.  You simply make a decision to follow it.

Your purpose is the reason behind your actions; for getting out of bed in the morning. It could be to work out to reach your fitness goals or to wake up to spend time with your children. A purpose is how you want to change the world. You have to make your mark on this world in some form. The best intentions should always be positive and uplifting.

It is my desire to help others, but I know my work serves a purpose. It is amazing to know that my MasterBuild Class students are one of the main reasons I wake up in the morning. I desire to live off of their passions. Seeing a follower become a leader is one of my favorite results. Watching other people reach goals inspires people. It only seems impossible until someone else does it.

Both Work Together
Passion and purpose absolutely work together.  You have got to know where you stand with both, and if you don’t, its time to identify some things inside yourself. Latch on to those around you who “get” you and support your desire to take your life further.  Find a like minded group of people through social media groups who are totally sold out on working to achieve their dreams, too.  Life is too short and our dreams and goals are too big to go it alone.

The truth is that passion and purpose are both important, one leads to the other and they go hand in hand. We could debate all day, but in the end, what you really want for your life wins.  There will be times when your passion drives your purpose and times when purpose drives you to hone your passion.   So I’m going to ask you –  “what is your passion and what is your purpose?” Whatever your answers, that is your key to so much more in life.  And if you can’t figure out your purpose…I’ll give you a hint.  Your passion is there for a reason.

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