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Share don’t Sell

By Madra

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Share don’t Sell 

Share don’t Sell your product! If you have a product to sell that you believe in, that people want, then you already have everything you need to achieve success beyond your dreams. Just share your way to success and work it. What’s the easiest way to work it? Talk about it. It sounds easy but direct sales businesses fail every day because people just will not talk about their product or their business. Share your product or opportunity. Dont try and Sell all the time. Build relationships. Be You.

I understand it to a degree, I really do. On some level there is shyness or insecurity. Most people experience it at least a little.  Even me. But I am here to tell you that every pitch you give, party you host, product you demonstrate, or seminar at which you speak leads to less nervous jitters the next time around. And you know what else it leads to? A loop of more money, more success, and more confidence.

If you have friends and family you already have the customer base you need to get your business off the ground, and I can almost guarantee that the majority of home business owners who failed or gave up neglected to market to them. The reasoning I commonly hear from these business owners is that they don’t want to “bother” anyone. They don’t want to “spam” their friends. But let me ask you this – are you spamming your friends when you tell them about the delicious food you had at the new restaurant you tried? Or about the amazing cleaning product you discovered or even the movie you saw? Of course not – you perceive it as passing along useful information about something that benefits them.  Obviously there is a flaw in your spamming theory.

I opened this by referencing having a product you believe benefits people. First of all if you do not believe that your product fills a need then you need to find a different product to represent. And if you truly believe in your product then you have to let go of the flawed thinking that only someone else’s product is worthy of your recommendation. Because here is the deal, like all good products, people are going to discover it somehow, and if it’s not from you it is going to be from someone else.

I can tell you from experience about the sting of finding out that someone I know purchased my product from someone they didn’t even know because I neglected to tell them about it first. I neglected to share with them the amazing product I tried.

Talk about your product. It is the easiest thing to do and the only way you are going to make your business a success. And remember – if you don’t talk about it, someone else will.

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