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Intelligent Leadership

I often get asked about what books to read. My Library of Genius is a great place to start. It has everything from Tony Robins to Seth Godin to Ted Talks. However, I am going to read Nicole Heimann’s How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You. Inc Magazine recently interviewed her. The title “Your […]

MasterBuild YOU!

Let’s cut to the chase about secrets to successful growth as a team builder, entrepreneur, and network marketer. This isn’t a typical blog for me, I really want to dig more into my private MasterBuild Group and encourage you to grow bigger, expect more from yourself, and if your feet are sinking, get you unstuck. […]

3 Reasons to Blog for Business

3 Reasons to Blog for Business   Looking for more ways to get more leads? Do you need to enroll more customers or business partners in order to rank to that next level? Are you stuck, wondering how top earners do it? Well, do you blog? You need an online storefront for your business. Thats what a simple […]

How To Set Up a Blog Using WordPress

Set Up A Blog Using WordPress Hey guys!  I wanted to give a quick little guide today of how to set up a blog using WordPress with a few tips and tricks about the best way to post as well.  You can spend hours and hours learning the best ways to do this, but this will be a […]