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How to NOT Waste Your Time while Networking

We talk a lot about growing business through networking.  It’s what we’re all about, right?  I just published an e-Book, Brass Tacks:  Growing Your Business Through Social Media, that covers a ton of what can be used within social media. If you don’t have a copy, definitely check out my Private MasterBuild membership at […]

Intelligent Leadership

I often get asked about what books to read. My Library of Genius is a great place to start. It has everything from Tony Robins to Seth Godin to Ted Talks. However, I am going to read Nicole Heimann’s How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You. Inc Magazine recently interviewed her. The title “Your […]

blog for my network marketing business

Should I Start a Blog for My Network Marketing Business?

“Should I Start a Blog for My Network Marketing Business?” Let Me Tell You Why the Answer is “YES”! I think blogging is so important to those of you who are committed to being successful in this business. That is why I have created a step-by-step guide for you all to follow to get your […]

network marketing success

Is Comparing Yourself to Others Killing Your Network Marketing Success?

Want to Achieve Network Marketing Success?  Don’t Look Left; Don’t Look Right  Hi, guys. What’s up? Here’s what I’m going to talk about today. When I talk about not looking left and not looking right, I’m talking about comparing yourself. We’re all entrepreneurs here. We’re all network marketers, home based business, MLM, whatever you want […]

stop quitting network marketing

Stop Being a Network Marketing Quitter

Stop Being a Network Marketing Quitter Quitting Network Marketing…Quitting Your Business Cannot Be an Option   I hope that you guys get this message loud and clear. I really hope that you work this business. You deserve this business. It’s a blessing that you are in this business. You guys…this is the biggest step. The […]

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips Lets start by making sure you know the definition of Social Media. Many of you think it is an outlet to SELL and you are wrong. so·cial me·di·a noun websites and applications used for social networking.   Stop Selling. That definition says nothing about selling. It’s the number one turn off on […]