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How to NOT Waste Your Time while Networking

We talk a lot about growing business through networking.  It’s what we’re all about, right?  I just published an e-Book, Brass Tacks:  Growing Your Business Through Social Media, that covers a ton of what can be used within social media. If you don’t have a copy, definitely check out my Private MasterBuild membership at […]

Embrace Negative Feedback

Yep! Rejection, Negative Feedback and Naysayers suck! We all hear negative feedback and when we do, we need to embrace it. WHAT?!! I know that sounds crazy and our first instinct is to delete and block. This looks bad on YOU when you delete it. People viewing your page notices their comment, then they don’t. When people […]

want to succeed talk less

Want to Succeed? Talk Less

If You Want to Succeed, You Have to Talk Less I talk a lot about what to say to people when you are selling your products or talking about the opportunity.  But one huge thing I’ve learned is that when I talk less, I end up keeping their attention more. This is important if you […]

success with network marketing

The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing

The Difference Between Failure and Success with Network Marketing From one of my recent periscopes, success with network marketing is a matter of not giving in to failure. You’ve got to share your story and go full-on. Only you can do that. Only you can motivate yourself enough to do that. It’s going to suck. You’re going […]

network marketing success

Is Comparing Yourself to Others Killing Your Network Marketing Success?

Want to Achieve Network Marketing Success?  Don’t Look Left; Don’t Look Right  Hi, guys. What’s up? Here’s what I’m going to talk about today. When I talk about not looking left and not looking right, I’m talking about comparing yourself. We’re all entrepreneurs here. We’re all network marketers, home based business, MLM, whatever you want […]

MLM struggle

Are you struggling in your mlm A struggling Distributor, on another team just inspired me big time. Therefore I ran to this page to share my  heart at this very moment. We (meaning ALL OF US in #networkmarketing) get discouraged, struggle and feel sorry for ourselves at some point in our business. Some a little, some more often […]