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Reach New Customers with Facebook But Don’t Burn Bridges

By Madra

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Ahhh the power of ‪#‎Facebook‬. 750 million active users. I say Bring IT On. Be smart, don’t spam, and don’t go to facebook jail. That is just plain tacky. Use this global empire to your advantage. It pays off.

1. Create a PAGE for your business. Marketing through your profile page may help in the beginning but you need to reach the world and a PAGE helps you do that.
2. QUIT SELLING No one likes to be sold to. Do you? Do you click on every “Buy Me Now” “Join Me Now” that you see. No. Be “social” its what it is all about.
3. Wanna a trip to the Big House? Start spamming. Dont message randoms about things they never asked for and Dont over use tags trying to get YOUR stuff on THEIR page.
4. ‪#‎Hashtags‬ use them. Make sure they are relevant to what you are talking about. Hashtags are great. Facebook didn’t dream up the hashtag but they took it to a whole nother level when they made them clickable. Brilliance once again.
5. Build relationships. People buy from people they like. When you post, act like you are talking to your best friend. Before you hit post read it again. Would you say that to your friend over coffee. Most of the time HeckNo. Be real. Be you. Quit trying to be everyone else.
6. Show your Face. That little photo in the left corner should be YOU. Not a picture of a tree. Let your audience know WHO they are talking too.
7. Be the solution. THINK NEED. What do people really need? Once you figure that out. HELP them with that.
8. Post often. At least 4 times a day. Include your contact information or a link. EVERY TIME!
and never never never post about anything crude, rude or loser-ish. haha

Dare To Be More,

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