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tips for network marketing success

Tips for Network Marketing Success

By Madra

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6 Tips for Network Marketing Success

Just getting started in Network Marketing and feel like you need some help to get you on your way?  I spoke about just that in my latest Success Cast and gave my 6 Tips for Network Marketing Success.  These helpful tips will get you on the right path.

**NOTE: This is a transcription from my latest weekly Success Cast.  Listen to the audio version.

tips for network marketing success

Thank you so much for taking the time go through this training. I’m going to give you six proven tips to help us grow your network marketing business. If you are new to the industry, this is perfect for you. If you are someone that’s been in the industry for a few years, I still believe you’re going to get value from this audio training. Let’s get started. Let me go over the six tips with you first.

1. We’re going to talk about overcoming objections.

2. We’re going to talk about taking action and things that you can do right now to start growing your business.

3. Learning to listen.

4. Believe in your product.

5. Ways to get motivated.

6. Goal Setting.

Get your notebooks or whatever program you use to take notes on your computer ready! I think that you’re going to really enjoy this. Let’s get started.

1. Overcoming Objections:

How to overcome objections. I know you’ve heard it. You’ve heard it a thousand times. You’ve heard every excuse in the book. You’ve had a door slammed in your face a thousand times when you try to talk to someone about your opportunity or your product. I’ve been there. I promise you I have felt exactly how you’re feeling. I have felt the rejection. You’re discouraged. I know you feel defeated, feeling like a failure. You feel like you’re the only one that is never going to get someone to be a customer or a distributor on your team. I’m here to tell you you are totally wrong. If you keep doing the exact same thing over and over again, you probably will not have a different outcome. You need to change your approach.

If you want to be successful, you are going to have to predict what the person’s objection is going to be, and then how are you going to overcome that. Put those fears to rest. You will get a yes, and it’s going to change everything about how you’re feeling in your business. Let’s go overcome some of those objections!

Why are so many people so convinced that direct selling and network marketing is not for them? I’ll tell you why. The biggest thing is fear. They are afraid of joining a movement, so to speak, that’s outside of the social norm. They’re scared to think outside their own little box. They lack the knowledge of the industry. Any time something is new, people are leery of it. You feel the same way. A lot of people think it’s a scam, big pyramid scheme, only designed to make those at the top rich. I’d like for them to tell me, though, how that’s any different than a corporation that they work for every day. Think about it, only the people at the top of the company are the ones making the big bucks. This seriously sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Everyone else in that organization is a little worker bee working for a small wage. It looks strikingly similar to a pyramid scheme, corporate America does.

That is an objection that you need to completely get over. Once you educate yourself on network marketing, you’re going to be able to explain the business model to them. Some people have tried network marketing in the past and it didn’t work out for them. Once they get burned, they’re done. I don’t know why they don’t see that in any industry that they’re in. There’s always schemers and scoundrels in any business that you are working in. It happens all over the place. Then they slap a sticker on the whole industry just because they had a bad experience. Honestly, that’s not fair.

I want to give you some common objections that you are going to face in your business. You may have already faced them. I’m going to help us to overcome them by answering some of those and telling you how to overcome it. Let’s say the first objection, if you’re talking about the opportunity and someone says, “Oh, no, I’m good at my job. I don’t need to add anything else to my plate,” how you would overcome that is tell them that they don’t have to quit their job in order to work part-time as a distributor for a network marketing company. Tell them that a lot of people want to just use this business and make an additional 500 a month just to pay bills, buy a car, put your kids in daycare. I feel like a lot of people feel they have to drop what they’re doing to start in a network marketing business, and that is not true at all.

Another objection would be, “Oh, I’m too busy. I don’t have time.” You can work this business at night. You can work it in 15-minute increments. You can work it during your lunch break. You can work it through the week when your children go to bed. There is a way to be an extremely busy person and still fit this business into your life. I’m a single mom of three children and I have fit network marketing into my daily life, and it’s worked for me.

Another objection might be, “I’ve tried that home-based business stuff before and it didn’t work out.” How would you overcome that if someone said that to you? I would say every home-based business or network marketing company is not the same. You can have a 100% different results just by taking the time to find a company that fits in your lifestyle. Research is definitely key.

Another objective that you may get when you’re talking about the opportunity with someone is they say that they’re too shy. They’re not good at talking to people. Overcoming that by saying social media is a great way to get the word out about your products and opportunity if you don’t like face to face … You can still be a rock star in network marketing if you do not have good people skills. I will tell you that network marketing is such a personal development thing and that you will get good at actually speaking and not being so shy. It’s amazing how people grow in this industry.

Facebook is a great tool. Don’t always try to sell on your Facebook page. People aren’t there to buy stuff or join your team. Social media is a way for people to escape. If you’re selling constantly, they’re going to be seeing that all the time. It’s going to turn them off. People are going to skip over you. How many times have you actually stopped scrolling because someone said, “Join my team. You can earn money”? It doesn’t happen very often. If you share your story, what the business has done for you, how it’s changed your life … Talk about the products, how they’ve changed your life. You have to sell through sharing your story. People are going to be interested in what it’s done for you.

2. Take Action:

Right now I want you to stop for a minute, grab your pen and paper. Get out your tablet, laptop, however you take notes. To take action you need to make a list. Who comes to mind first when you think “[this person] would be amazing at this business. I want them on my team!”? Maybe you can think of ten people right now that you would love to have on your team. Next I want you to think of the qualities of that person, why you want them on your team. Are they social, outgoing, business-minded, independent, fun, determined, driven? Write down those qualities next to their name.

The next thing I want you to do is message them, call them, text them, email them, however you feel like communicating with them. I want you to compliment them on those qualities. For people that are local, write this down. You can say, “Hey, Susie. I’ve been thinking about you lately. You’re so fun. You’re so outgoing. You’re so social. Those are the qualities in people that I want to partner with. I know you would be amazing at what I do and I’m wondering if we could grab a cup of coffee. I would love to share with you why you would be so perfect in this business.” Compliment them. Pull out what you truly love about that person and tell them that’s who you’re looking for. You’re looking for people just like them.

For anyone out of town. You can say the same thing. “Hey Susie, I’ve been thinking about you lately. You’re so fun. You’re so organized. These are the qualities in people that I’m looking for. I know you would be amazing. I’m wondering if I could just share this opportunity with you. If you could give me ten minutes I know you would be perfect. What do you think?” That is a way to share your opportunity with someone local to you or even someone out of town.

I’ve also used some scripts over the years. I don’t like scripts. I don’t talk to people like I’m a robot and I don’t memorize things, but I want you to feel free to modify these and just get ideas from things that I say maybe when I follow up with people. Let’s say that you wrote ten names down, you wrote those qualities, and you contacted those ten people and had coffee or shared with out of town people, or shared the opportunity with them over the phone for ten minutes. If they did not make a decision and they want to think about it, it’s completely fine. But you cannot wait on them to contact you. You’ve got to follow up. There is fortune in the follow-up. You’ve heard people say that before.

A few things you can take notes on. Here are just a few little scripts to help us with what to say during a follow-up: “Hey Susie, I’m still thinking about how fun it would be to have you in the business with me and how successful you would be. I don’t want to bother you but I felt like I should follow up. You haven’t given me a no yet, so are you free for lunch tomorrow or can I give you a call?” Give them a choice: lunch or a phone call. Just depends on where they are and what you think would be best.

You could also say: “I know this is a crazy time of year for everyone. I just want to make sure I answered all your questions you had about the company. I would love to share more and get your opinion. Are you free for lunch tomorrow or can I give you a call?” These are the things that you need to say when you follow up. You cannot forget to follow up!

3. Learn to Listen:

Oh my gosh! People are already going to tell you what they need and you can be their solution. You’ve got to listen, though, to the conversations that you’re having. In order to talk about selling in a network marketing business, we need to first spend some time talking about relationship marketing. It is about the relationships. You cannot be the one talking. You cannot be the one selling. You cannot be pushing yourself on everybody. You need to build relationships and pull and draw those people in.

I have a story to share with you. I was getting my nails done, all my nails, my toes, eyebrows, all my stuff at the salon. I use that time to just relax and listen to what’s going on around me. I really try not to get my phone out. It’s actually the perfect time when you’re getting your pedicure and all that to just go through all your emails and go through your phone and look through Facebook, but I really try to sit and listen to what’s going on around me. I overhead conversations. Oh my gosh. Some women were talking about Crock-Pot recipes. Some people are talking about movie reviews, all sorts of things, the best place to get a certain kind of jeans. There’s a million conversations going on around me, and I’m sitting there with my eyes closed and I’m just relaxing.

I tell you this in order for you to open your eyes and your ears to your surroundings. Don’t always be the one running your mouth. It’s about building relationships. Every single one of these women in this salon had a story and they would all be fabulous at network marketing. They all had the potential to rock it out in this industry. Why? Because all we do as network marketers is just share and tell stories all day long. That’s all we do is network. Never think this business is something that you cannot do. You have to look at your business in an entirely different light. Just talk, don’t sell. Just talk. Talk about what you have. Talk about your opportunity. Talk about your story. Recommend things. Just talk about your business in your daily life.

I was sitting there listening to all the stories. What were the stories? Crock-Pot stories, movie reviews that day. Oh my gosh, a big sales at Macy’s. How there’s slim pickings at the farmers market because the weather is changing and there’s nothing there. What caught my eye, or ear I guess I should say, was the story about this must-see house in this new subdivision. She was so detailed and I couldn’t wait to see it actually. After I got done with all my beauty treats, I walked out the door, and I drove straight to the house that the lady was talking about. Her story about the house was so intriguing, so engaging, everyone in there had questions. I couldn’t wait to go see it. She talked about how incredible the layout was, how amazing the views were from the back deck, how much curb appeal it had. Master floors had the heated floors in the bathroom. There was a theater room. It was the perfect location, yada yada yada, I mean on and on.

I get there, and you’re not going to believe it. The house was for sale and I had no idea at the time when I was listening to her who she was until I drove up to that house, and the sign in the yard had her picture on it. My jaw completely dropped. The lady talking about the house in the salon was the realtor for that house. Did y’all hear that? She was selling the home. Brilliant, brilliant move, realtor lady, sitting there sharing how incredible this home was, acted like she was just giving her opinion on some house that she saw. She was the one selling it. She wasn’t shoving it down everyone’s throat trying to say, “Go by there. They knocked 10,000 off this price. It’s so great.” All she did was share a story, and it was so powerful I drove straight to it. That’s all she did was share a story.

Network marketing works the same way. It’s about building relationships with people, sharing not selling, connecting with people heart to heart. People are attracted to people they like and trust. When you meet someone face to face, be you. Find out more about them. Don’t give a sales pitch all the time. Have a conversation and get to know who they are. Hand them your card. Exchange social media contact and get to know each other. They will soon realize that you have a great product or a great opportunity. Let them discover it on their own. I’m telling you it’s so much better that way. Don’t get in such a hurry to build your business, because when you just put all sorts of random people in your business it doesn’t go anywhere. I know you have people in your business right now that aren’t working the business. If you try to build a relationship and try to be the solution for them, your business is going to be completely different. Relationships are key, you guys.

4. Believe in Your Product:

I don’t know how anyone sells a product that they don’t like or they don’t use. You have to believe in it. You need to use the product in order to really sell the product, or to be able to share some results about it you’ve got to use it and have your own results. You need to learn all the tips, the tricks, how to make that product work the best. You need to know the best way to get results. Your customer isn’t looking for someone to sell them something. No one woke up today saying, “Sure hope somebody sells me something today.”

You have to understand why they need the product. Solve the problem that they have. As far as this goes, be your best customer. When people see results, they … when they see your results basically is what I’m trying to say, they’re going to trust you. They’re going to hear the conviction in your voice when you’re honestly sharing what the product did for you. Develop your own results story and use your products. Use every single product that you have.

5. Get Motivated:

Oh my gosh, who needs a kick in the seat? Motivation, here’s what I hear all the time: that it’s the secret to building your network marketing business. If I were to admit, I believe that to a certain extent. It’s played a big role in my business, but motivation alone is not enough to succeed. I believe it’s key to growing your business and actually sticking with it. You must have an attainable goal, though. I think motivation with no goals is not going to get you anywhere. I know that you all want to make a million dollars or you want to be the number one earner in your company, or you want 30,000 a month. You have these huge goals set but they’re not going to happen overnight.

You have to have daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You have to break this down. Yes, your huge goal that you want to achieve in the end is definitely something you need to work toward, but you have to have these smaller goals because when you attain those, your confidence just shoots through the roof. These monthly goals, let’s say, let’s do a monthly, they have to be something that you can reach. Believe in those long-term goals, but you’ve got to have a 30-day goal and work toward that. This business takes work, I promise. But if you work diligently, your entire life will change forever. This is not a business that you get rich quick like people think. You have to be willing to work for it every day. Those goals need to be in front of you.

The one thing that I believe has contributed to my success more than anything is consistency. I will write my goals down for the month and be consistent. Every 30 days I’ve got a new goal or I have the same goal, and I’m consistent and I work toward achieving those goals every 30 days. I’ve been consistent since day one. When people tell me no, I can never let it slow me down one bit. Yes, do I get discouraged? Of course. We all do. I’m human. I’m not a robot. I get discouraged. But I have to keep pushing, and those people that tell me no aren’t paying my bills, so I’m going to keep working my business.

There were so many people that were negative when I started a network marketing company. When I first started, they were so negative. I couldn’t let it get to me. I knew that what I had was an incredible opportunity. I believed in the industry and I knew that if I worked it consistently and worked it with intent that I would be successful. I think that showing action in your business shows your team that you know … when you’re showing action, they see and they believe and they know that you are not going to ask them to do anything that you’re not willing to do. Motivating them … if you are showing action in your business, it’s how you motivate them. They get so inspired by that.

Those weekly goals I made for myself were very attainable in my eyes. I had my yearly goal, but I was working toward achieving that 30-day goal. Make sure that it’s attainable. You can stretch yourself if you want to and maybe add something to that the following month, but those goals every 30 days need to be something that you can reach and achieve with effort. It’s going to build your confidence. It will totally boost your confidence.

6. Goal Setting:

The last one was with motivation and being consistent and talking about goals a little bit. I need you to sit down and think about what you want. Think small on the short-term and set a timeline to meet that goal and achieve it. 30 days, people. As you meet those goals, set more. The goals will keep you going. They will motivate you to apply yourself every day. When you meet them, your confidence will build bigger and bigger, which will give you the passion for your business. That is what will keep you driving to work and not give up.

The only way network marketing will not work for is if you stop working it and you stop setting goals. If you’re already a goal setter, great! If you are not, I have to ask this question: How do you know when you’ve accomplished something if you don’t set goals? A sense of accomplishment is key to confidence, motivation, and furthering accomplishments. You guys have to get good at setting goals. If you do not know how to start, don’t be intimidated. Think short-term. Simplify it. Create a monthly goal, and then I want you to break it down into four weeks. Whatever that 30-day goal is, break that down into four different weeks and it becomes more simple. The simpler, the better.

There is great satisfaction in crossing off something on your list. As you meet those goals, cross them off. You will feel so good about yourself. You’ll be so excited to tackle the next goal. One thing that’s important to remember, though, is that if you don’t want to come up with goals that are easily achievable, you might get discouraged. You’ve got to have something that’s easily achievable but that’s going to stretch you a little bit. Don’t make it so crazy that you’re never going to attain it.

I want you to realize that you’ve got to just shoot for the moon in this business. If you aim for the moon and quit, you’ll never get to the stars. Gosh, that makes me want to cry. I read that somewhere. I think that’s so profound. Why limit yourself? There’s so many prizes behind those stars. You’ve got to shift your thinking from landing at a certain point, and instead focusing on the dream, the bigger dream, the crazy dream, and setting those most elaborate, far-fetched goals that you can imagine. Work your business with the end goal in mind, and never, ever give up.

If you believe it can happen, it can. The only thing that prevents you from achieving something is that little nasty internal voice that tells you you can’t. Your network marketing business will help you zero in on the skills to imagine and achieve beyond your wildest dreams. It will give you vision. It will give you clarity. It will give you belief in yourself. It is a powerful and life-changing industry. I get chills when I think about the limitless opportunity. You guys, success starts with a small, attainable goal that you can accomplish. You can do anything you set your mind to. I want you to go get it. If you stay in your comfort zone, you will never reach your true potential, so put yourself out there. You guys have to get a little uncomfortable. Do something that gives you butterflies in your stomach and dream way, way bigger than you already are. You’re not dreaming big enough.

I totally appreciate you taking the time to listen today. I truly hope you found value in my 6 Tips fore Network Marketing Success. Feel free to head over to my Facebook business page, Madra: Network Marketing Professional, and let me know what you thought. Here is to your success. I completely believe in you and I’m very excited for what your business is going to do for you. Have a great day. Thank you for letting me into your life for the last 30 minutes.



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