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By Madra

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online marketing tools



Step by Step How to Set up Your Website or Blog in less than 20 minutes

Website or Blog Platform. This is your HUB, you own this platform where you generate leads.
WordPress: Click here or use the link below to download my complete guide to setting up a blog from scratch in less than 20 minutes using WordPress.

>> Download the Free Guide Here. (complete guide – start to finish)


Email Marketing

Email Marketing Platform where you manage your email lead list  I love using Aweber for email marketing. It allows me to easily set up automatic emails without needing to be “techie”. In Aweber I manage and organize my email lead list and easily see reports about who reads my emails, clicking on links, deletes them etc. Start your free trial.

>> Aweber – 30-day Free trial


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Managing all your social media accounts in one place.

Hootsuite: If you are anything like me, you love to simplify things. I got tired of logging into what felt like a million different social media accounts. I missed notifications, comments & messages. I felt like I was spending all day posting and sifting through all my accounts and before long my day was wasted. I saved myself a ton of time and got organized with social media marketing

>> Hootsuite – 30-day Free trial 

Sprout Social is another great tool to help you manage your social media
I personally like the way Sprout is organized more than Hootsuite, but  choose the tool you like the best and works best for you. I thought Id give you options.

>> SproutSocial 


Analytics – Tracking

Twitter/Instagram App

Crowdfire helps me manage my Twitter and Instagram accounts.
I can find relevant users to follow by using the “Copy Followers” feature which is awesome!! It also shows me quick stats and what the relationship is between Twitter/Instagram

>> Crowdfire


Google Analytics

How do you know what works if you dont track it? This is a super powerful tracking tool that everyone needs to have installed on their blog.

It’s easy to set up and get installed. I can see how many people have visited my site and WHERE they are coming from. 

>> Google Analytics


Landing Pages – Sales Pages


Quickly and easily set up a one-page site for a promo, or to capture new leads.
You don’t have to know how to code or mess with hosting or any of that techie stuff to use instapage…they have templates you can use and are super easy to customize. Highly recommended for people who have links that are blocked on social media

>> Instapage


These marketing tools will help set your business apart from everyone else building a business just like yours. These tools will also help you automate a lot, nothing like generating leads on auto pilot, leaving you more free time to get out there and work your business. These links are affiliate links and you can take advantage of the discounts and savings. Just passing them along.

Love, Madra

PS: Grab this Free gift to help you find more leads. In this Webinar Training you will Learn my Top 7 Prospecting Secrets 


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