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Truth Be Told – Failure is Your Friend

By Madra

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It was a long time coming and I never even realized it when it was all happening. I had failed a hundred times, but always looked at it as another opportunity on the way to my future. My story is definitely one for the books; I get that – single entrepreneur mom turned millionaire. The reality though is that it wasn’t exactly like that. It took many years to navigate the waters of life and I made a lot of decisions that other people might not have made. I took lots of risks, and I felt rejection often. But one thing I always knew for sure was that my gut was always right. I could feel in my heart every single next step, and sometimes that meant hearing “no”, falling on my face, and a crazy ton of sacrifice.

You cannot get one single place in this world that is closer to your destiny and your dreams without following your heart; and more than that – telling the truth all day long. I never ever lied to myself. I knew what I wanted and I could see it happening. From being a “dropout,” to being rejected for loans to start my salon business, and of course, being a HUGE network marketing skeptic (those things never work, right??)…I finally figured it all out. Every single “failure” was actually a step towards my ultimate purpose – growing a successful work from home business, taking a lot of really amazing people on the ride with me, and finally, to being a BELIEVER in network marketing. That’s where I made the residual income entrepreneurs dream about. I followed my gut. I made failure my friend and I learned from my experiences. Like math, which I hate, I made a formula out of believing in myself – which I love. Every one of you should without a doubt believe in yourself.

A woman who believed in what she had, who followed her own gut, became relentless with me. She INSISTED that I take a look at her product and called my salon without hesitation over and over and over. One day, she showed up and she showed me how this concept of business, network marketing could work for me and help a lot of people doing so. I soon realized that I was at it again – I had the feeling, the gut feeling of DO THIS. And so I did. With an insane amount of sacrifice and working like I damn well meant it, my business and that of others on my team grew like crazy. We changed a lot of lives TOGETHER and it was absolutely amazing.

I’m doing it again and I want dreamers and doers of big things, and risk takers and workhorses going with me. I have taken another leap of faith and this time it did not come from perceived “failure.” It came from evaluating my life, soul searching for the excitement and growth I crave, and prioritizing what exactly I am to be doing with this one life. I told myself the truth. So I encourage you to do the same. I encourage you to take an inventory of the life you WANT to live and the life you are living. What do you really want? We are going to build big again and it doesn’t matter what that goal in life is for you – it’s yours. Be bold. Be Brave. I believe in you and I believe you can.

Truth Be Told,


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Mom and entrepreneur who has failed a hundred times without even really realizing it, yet kept true to myself and kept taking leaps of faith. I believe that we can ...

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