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want to succeed talk less

Want to Succeed? Talk Less

By Madra

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If You Want to Succeed, You Have to Talk Less

I talk a lot about what to say to people when you are selling your products or talking about the opportunity.  But one huge thing I’ve learned is that when I talk less, I end up keeping their attention more. This is important if you want to succeed in this business. 

want to succeed talk less

When I first started, I would talk about the product and ended up talking about the opportunity. They’re looking at me like, “I just wanted to know the answer to that simple question.” That is what I noticed going through my business for the first four months and people were looking at me like I was insane. I had to either decide if I was going to quit, or if I was going to revamp the way that I did business.

I found that when I talked less and when I simply shared a result or I shared about the opportunity, or asked someone if they were maybe open to a side project, that I could get them talking and I could do more listening.  When they ask me something, I’ll throw that answer back to them and then I’ll wait. I wait for them to throw the ball back to me. I try and play a game. I see how long I can keep that game going without over stimulating them. You’ve got to remember, when you’re in network marketing, they have no idea about the industry. I’d bet 95% of the people that you’re talking to have zero clue about what network marketing is really all about.

Keep it simple. Here’s the deal: if you go overboard and you’re talking about the opportunity because someone simply said, “Hey, what are you doing now? What’s this new business that you’re in?” I used to email paragraphs to them, copy/pasting the compensation plan. I would throw up on them and wonder why they didn’t get back to me. 

If you have a question about an opportunity, and that person throws up and sends you books and, “Hey, check out this link! Here’s our compensation plan, and oh my god! I know seven people making a million dollars.” They’re thinking to themselves, “First of all, that’s not what I wanted to know. Second of all, she knows so much that if I were to get in this business with her, there is no way I can remember all of those facts. I wouldn’t be able to come up with those statistics like that. I don’t think that I would be able to understand.” 

If I get into a conversation with someone who needs to know all the scientific information, I will send a link to them. Those people are great, right? Those kind of people are awesome and are just craving that kind of information. I’m not going to ignore that just because that’s not what I need. I’m going to just simply give them a link and say, “Here you go. Research until your heart is content. Maybe come back and simplify it for me and teaching me something.” (Insert sarcastic laugh here) 

You have to remember to just keep it simple.

Throwing up (so to speak) on people hasn’t been working for you, has it? Why don’t you try it my way the next couple of times that someone has question for you? Don’t be so quick to sign them up. Date them, hold their hand, baby steps, stair step. Try not to think about yourself all the time. When you’re thinking about yourself in this business and you’re putting yourself first in the business, all you’re thinking about is, “She needs to be a customer. He needs to be a distributor. Oh my gosh, if she just signed up and handed me her credit card I’d make a $100 bonus.” You’ve got to stop thinking about yourself and talk less if you want to succeed in this business.



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