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Your Business is a Business

By Madra

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bizwomanDoesn’t that seem like a silly title? Why would I feel compelled to tell you that your business is a business? I mean, isn’t it obvious? Not so much.

Next time you catch yourself thinking negatively about your business; ask yourself what you have done to build it. How much time have you spent on it? Presumably you joined your team or started your business because you witnessed someone else’s success and thought, “Hey. I can do that. I want to do that.”  So ask that person, whose success you admired, how much time they put into their business each week. Ask them what they did today to build it. Now compare their answer to yours. I guarantee that if your business is not experiencing growth and success to your expectations, your answer was less.

People – why are we perfectly okay to work 40+ hours per week building somebody else’s business and wealth, but not our own?

True, part of the allure of working for self is there is a higher return on your investment than there is in working for someone else. But that doesn’t mean you do not have to work at all. We see successful entrepreneurs dressing to the nines, going on vacations, “living large” and enjoying life daily, all on their own schedule and never having to punch a clock, but they are still putting in hours, and you need to too if you want to succeed.

Now back to the “return on your investment” part. The good news is just a few hours a day spent on your business, a fraction of the time you put into your “9 to 5,”  will result in a paycheck that could never be earned on your job, regardless of how much overtime you work. And even though that bigger check doesn’t come immediately this Friday, if you acknowledge the trade-off is POSSIBILITIES, something you won’t get working for someone else, it will help you keep your eyes on the prize until that check DOES come. And it will come. When you treat your business like a business, success is the only possible outcome. So be honest with yourself about what you put into it before you complain about what you are (or are not) getting out of it.

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